Although mine is made in korea, the quality is still there! The pasive pickups it comes with are kinda muddy but overall louder than similar trem bridged RG’s due to the fixed bridge, but with a pickup change you got yourself a workhorse of a guitar for very little money. I love it and would buy more if I could find them. The value for money is excellent. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. I plan to buy Seymour Duncan SH-6 pickups.

I’d probably go for the black cos its got ‘easy refinish’ written all over it. I’ll give em a try. The features have already been given a number of times so I will pass over quickly. Rating is an average rating that is calculated by using publicly available numeric rating information musicians entered while writing review of Ibanez RGMH. I baby my guitars, and they get all the TLC in the world. I only need to set my tube amp right and I get a perfect sound without a sweat I’m an Angelcorpse fan and I’m happy to get a sound close to Exterminate.

A negative for the varnish at the rg312mh is very fragile and microphones for home is missing its for my taste. I have it I had it I played it I want it. If they had that Mahogany oil finish with gibraltar bridge I’d grab one in a heartbeat. Number of Frets 24 feature-numberOfFrets[0] Thanks again for remembering me! Did you find this review helpful? This guitar is perfect for me I’m not going rf321mh change anytime soon. Neck Joint Bolt-on feature-neckJoint[0] But still, the neck has a great feel for shredding.

I’ve found the configuration I need I’m not looking for versatility. That’s why I recommend you to replace the original pickups if you want a more powerful instrument.


I think I will also down tune my Lag and change its pickups rwview that I can use it also for rehearsals. I love it and would buy more if I could find them.

This guitar has unbelievably good sound. Our members also liked: I have had them a couple of times and they were fine. This review was originally published on http: The hardware is black chromed. Controls Tone feature-controls[0] If not go your way, experiment with friends. Ten options are available, and they all come finished in high gloss. You rated stars out of 5, Remove it.

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This is by far the most comfortable guitar I’ve ever held in my serids. Sometimes people do talk poop about pickups. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Mine is Royal Blue and looks more like Black than Blue. I play twice as much now as I did with my old guitar, just because I love picking it up.

Search in titles only Search in Electric Guitars only Search. So to take precautions, have to wipe frequently everytime after use My plan now is to keep my eyes open for a used RG on ebay.

It’s very comfortable ry321mh I still prefer the neck of my Lag. They are not the best for heavy metal It has a bolt on neck and the fretboard is rosewood.

Hardware Chrome feature-hardware[0] One more annoying question- how are the frets holding out on yours? The lo-pro edge II system obviously means that tuning is slightly more of a task. It may be a bit heavy, but good balance and trs trs comfortable, do not ncessite effort, it remains focused on his game and nothing else. Ibanez RGMH has been rated by 9 musicians.


It can be played with anytime of music, from classic rock like led zeppelin and ACDC to punk like the misfits and anti-flag to metalcore like avenged sevenfold and converge. To leave a comment you can also log in with or. The RG is a lot cheaper which would pay for a pup change but I have been learning that spending a few extra quid can sometimes be worthwhile.

After owning 5 different Ibanez guitars, all of excellant quality Fingerboard Material Rosewood feature-fingerboardMaterial[0] Like calclown said, good mahogany body, good quality fixed bridge, decent rrg tuners, good srries neck, very easy to set up. The mark only applies to the guitar with my pickup configuration. The pickups are a little noisy, any impact on the body creates quite a large sound and sometimes the sound on the higher strings can be drowned out by relatively small background noise.

An amazing value for the money, no other electric at this price can touch it.

Ibanez RG321MH

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