I don’t doubt for a second that Jung IlWoo will live up to my expectations. He goes to see Dani, who is concerned that he is running around without having healed his shoulder first. I went and checked on the Chinese forums — but I was so confused! Thanks again and looking forward to future recaps, like always: Anyways, thanks a lot for taking up this project and translating all the episodes and adding that exact bit of flair to make each so much fun to read. He leave, with an order to the second assassin to kill Kunghe. Expressing the right amount of subdued emotion, calm child-like sereneness, collected outward appearance, eventual calculated rage, agony, loss, fury, and last but not least finally a sense of peaced acceptance thru and of love was extremely challenging for him but remained dedicated to give his all to what was expected of him as Iljimae thru the director’s interpretation as well as his own. Having a soft spot for the escaped former prisoners, she helps those she can and enlists their aid in the work.

Shi Hoo is angry and very suspicious, but a small part of him believes. Remembering the hiding place in the wall, Iljimae retrieves the gate key, and also finds a note she had placed inside years ago. But the time had to be right. Jung IL woo did really a great job! You are commenting using your Facebook account. Internet marketing has become a complicated discipline that involves a great deal of theoretical knowledge in combination with applied techniques.

Boong Soon smiles back. However, he wants to give them this marriage first. Iljimae Jung Il-woo was born out of wedlock and his father was a high-ranking noble official while his mother iljimse a lowly servant. Thus he was given the name Iljimae “branch of plum tree”.

I leaped with joy. I was so mad cos feeling cheated by irresponsible person who produce the DVD. Instead, he fights them.


I think an appropriate song for this episode would be Homecoming, by Vienna Teng. How am i supposed to convey my thoughts Really amazing and interesting………….

The ignorant call you a king and you believe them?

PiZza on Upcoming dramas Notify me of new posts via email. He gives an order for them to capture Lee Kyum, and staggers around being crazy. I heard that there coming up with a season 2 but that would kinda ruin everything. Eun Chae offers her own hotel as a marriage site. This really is a beautiful series. He curses Iljimae for forcing him to do this.

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Guilt-ridden for compromising his principles by helping Iljimae escape from prison, he committed suicide. Swe Dol fakes panting to make Yong more nervous.

,ast also have speculations of my own which I would like to share regarding those four years gap. Thanks a lot for your effort!

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Yet, as the story progresses, we understand the reason why things have to turn out this way. Is it just me, or is the Kim Hyun-joong as a pure white stallion metaphor particularly hilarious? When I begged you, you kicked me away coldly, but now you ask me to come back? Or has his bad deeds finally gotten to him? Then he gives the order for them to attack. I just wish it ended with him being with one of the girls…. It is one of the best dramas I have seen in my life. Sure, I went to work and saw my friends and talked to my mom on the phone, but Iljimae and the next episode was always at the back of my mind.

The prince is disheartened, but Iljimae remains committed. Not that I think you’re wrong about the level of ability, just that I don’t think that Il-Woo is entirely to blame for the sense of slow dragged out progression and flatness of character development felt in early episodes.


When these guards actually escort the mafia dude out, Shi Wan gives chase, only to be held back at the palace gate by lit coal-lobbing peasants. A lovely beautifully crafted drama that had almost everything and did everything right.

I just finished watching this series on Dramafever.

Slowly, Iljimae starts to relax, straightening even as the drumbeat continues. In China ShenyangIljimae and Yi-myung observe the cruel treatment of Korean prisoners with a heavy heart. Thank you so much for your awesome recaps on this series Javabeans! I have totally no regrets.

The ending of Return of Iljimae gives us a personal victory, so the triumph is sweeter. He told Mother that his two black boys became very nasty the night after we left their camp; they yelled and sang during most in the night.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. When more torches are brought in, he has vanished. One of my first sageuk that dont end with the dead of the lead.

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Truly wonderful – I can’t express it in words. They were the clothes Bong Soon was wearing when she pretended to be Iljimae and went off the cliff. He carries iljlmae cabinet on his back and returns home.

Bae has another request: