Sophia convinces Nicolas to get inside the ship. In the distant future, Earth is occupied by ancient gods and genetically altered humans. Troubled by Mateo not showing up to their planned date, Lia pays the man a visit, seeing Samantha with Mateo in his room. He has many questions to answer, including why Lia killed Roman. Meanwhile, at Magnus’ lair, Mateo also hears the news about his father’s execution and tries to convince Magnus to help him, but he refuses. Mateo learns from his doctor that another patient had a similar experience as his. Lucille tries to interrogate Roman about Mateo and learns that he is Mateo’s father, and upon learning this she decides to execute Roman and challenges Lia to come to the execution to kill Roman herself in exchange for her freedom. Tabitha Matute episodes, Kris Martinez

But after doing some tapings for the project, the ABS-CBN management decided to pull her out since she did not fit the role. Lucille knows the anger that Lia holds towards Roman. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Lucille now knows that Lia has transformed into a powerful werewolf. Lia hears of this through Arturo, as the vampire loses their fight. Samantha witness the ability of Mateo to obey people at will. The survivors hid from the clutches of the werewolves.

He then gets captured by the werewolves while Magnus kidnaps Mateo. She refused to live as a hybrid. Lia arrives to save Mateo from Magnus and his men. Lia tries to rescue Mateo, but she fails as she is being shot at by the soldiers. By doing so, he unintentionally ignites Simon’s anger and jeopardizes his future of becoming the vice president of Simon Land Holdings. Abraham Jaime Fabregas pleads Lia to never speak about the vampires again to distant herself from Lucille’s wrath.


Edit Did You Know? Jethro sees a vision about Mateo’s true identity, a fact that Lia pleads the boy to keep to himself.

Magnus learns about his daughter’s role in the realization of the prophecy. Upon seeing Lyndon dragging Mateo away, Lia tries to protect Mateo. Episodee is the father of Lucas and adoptive father of Mateo, who rescued him from the streets.

She killed Magnus but died in the process. She episdoe do everything to keep the leadership of the Waya council, going as far as destroying Lyka’s legacy as the last guardian, who saved her race from extinction during the red moon. Lia earns Abraham’s favor for Mateo as her lover. Nicolas refuses to let go of Sophia EP 8.

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Just in time, Lia covers up the manhole where Mateo is supposed to fall. Lia gives in to her feelings for Mateo. Impressed with young Mateo’s superhuman strength, young Simon Matthew Mendoza adopts him. Sorry, this content is not available in your region. Later that night, Mateo introduces Clarisse to Samantha.

Add Image S1, Ep9. Simon officially anoints Tepeserye as the heir to his company. As Mateo answers Clarisse’s friend on why he decided to marry her, Mateo reveals that their marriage is part of their families’ business contract, When Mateo visits Dara, he asks her to find a safe place for Lia.


Simon finds the place of Mateo.

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The friend of Olive and he fell in love with her. The battle shall be led by a powerful vampire and a powerful werewolf who are each other’s nemesis and downfall. Vergara 95 episodes, Nikki Bacolod She is the chosen one of the werewolves. Ten years later, Emil crosses paths with a distressed young girl named Sophia. Taong Lobo 82 episodes, RJ Calipus Friends and family gather as the day Mateo and Lia’s matrimony finally arrive.

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Meanwhile, Samantha comes up with a plan to test if Immorta, is the prophesied savior of the werewolves. Pleased with Mateo’s promises, Lia agrees to be Mateo’s girl.

Meanwhile, Samantha finally reveals to Mateo that she experienced the same ordeal that teleseyre is undergoing. They order that Mateo be brought to a safe place, whilst Lucas takes Lia to the ambulance. Mateo tries to get back his relationship with Lia. Mateo passes out in the middle of the fire after blood gushes from his ears.

However, when Lia hears Mateo give a human child an ill description of werewolves, Lia decides to tell Mateo her real identity.