Shyam thanks him for letting him come in Raizada house. On the other side, Arnav is also sad. She says, you don? Everyone comes to Anjali? Dadi says buaji to leave.. Dadi says, yes it? Arnav then calls Khushi.

Even after me saying that whoever brings him back will be my enemy. Arnav isshocked looking him in his house. At Raizada house, Nani is very worried and talking with Manorama thatAnjali didn? Khushi tries to talk with Arnav but he holds her hand and takes her somewhere. Anjaliasks everyone to leave from there. Garima says, I just came here to makehis medicine.

And may be she would have told that to everyone by now.

Arnav is leavingfrom there but Dadi stops him. She takesher and goes somewhere.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

Anjali is waiting for Shyam. Dadi says, till now no one stopped himor said anything. I just have to make it strong now. Raizada family is back to their house. She says, I just did for Di. At the same ipkind, Khushi? Shyam comes to Dadi?

Arnav asks her to stop and says, I always knew.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon – video dailymotion

Everyone now goes toAnjali? She says, I can tell you? Shyamsays, I know what you are thinking that whatever Khushi did was wrongbut in this age. Shegets scared and rushes to leave from there. Payal then takesKhushi to the kitchen with her. I am sure, by now she musthave figured it out that they need me to make Anjali fine like before.


Join or Log Into Facebook. Manorama asks Anjali to something now. Arnav gets angry andleaves from there. But before he says anything else, Dadi asks him to shut. Khushi tries to talk with Arnav but he holds her hand and takes her somewhere.

He hugs her and he? And then he sees them in kitchen. She pushes both and goes first. Shyam starts coughing and Arnav leaves him. At the same time, Khushi? Shyam tells her, I will take you to the room but she says shewill manage and leaves. On the other side, Arnav is also sad. Khushi tells Arnav, you cheated with me. Shyam says, I didn? Dadi is thinking something.

Anjali says, even I and Arnav didn?

He is sure now,Garima was hiding because of this. I will see you later. There is something forsure between Dadi and Garima and that? If hehad learned something from that mistake.

She says, I know it wasmisunderstanding. But Khushi went against you because she wanted to save your sister whom you love more than yourself. Khushi goes closer to him but he backs away and shouts. Arnav tells Shyam, I srp Arnav takes away his shoulder.


Arnav says,when did I see you? Arnav says, I won and now youwill have do what I say.

Khushi is hurt and has tears in her eyes. Anjali is struggling to walk but still manages to go to Shyam. At Raizada house, Dadi gives food to shyam but he says, I don? Sections of this page. They are passingpillow to each other. Shyam opkknd her, he will goand give it to him, but Dadi says I will go and will meet them as well.