Also, most importantly, I was very disturbed by the violence and rapes in the book. Isolfr, now bonded to a queen wolf, Viradechtis, must learn where his honor lies, and discover the lengths to which he will to go when it, and love for his wolf, drive him. However, I found the book very difficult to read for several reasons. Also, these men are being driven by their base urges. To ask other readers questions about A Companion to Wolves , please sign up. I could hardly believe they’d write a bad book, regardless of the reviews that are all over the place.

I think my feelings of discontent may come from the pacing, which is very stop-start short scenes of action with longer passages of narration , or the disconnect between the social worldbuilding of men and wolves that seems to take primary place, then the war with the trolls, which could have been a bit more interwoven for me to feel as if they were peaking at a simultaneous pace. In a society where the warrior men bonded to the wolves reenact and share in the wolves’ very non-human and why should they be human? A Companion to Wolves is a world of its own, and thus difficult to summarize and supremely immersive: The name and character list on the first page was actually very necessary. Basically, this is set in a world not unlike the region of Scandinavia and the warriors in this world are similar to the historical Vikings of that area. So he bonds with his wolf sister, Viradechtis, and becomes Isolfr. But the world he lives in is violent and cruel, not only to Isolfr, but in general, and the forced matings fit the setting. Return to Book Page.

Sarah Monette

I read very little fiction these days. View all 4 comments. It takes him the entire book to come to terms moette this, and I appreciated that he stumbled several times while trying to maintain both his honor and his sanity.

Okay, to be honest, the names were indeed problematic. It is just too distressing death, and family repudiation, and consent issuesand too far different from my life. Do you remember “The Neveren I absolutely love this book.

This was the time of Thorsbaer Thorvaldson, who first knew a konigenwolf and swore to serve her for salvation.

Let me add that this whole theme seires subverting gender roles in the Iskryner Norse culture looks likely to continue through the whole trilogy, probably gaining steam in the third book. They do not own land, they do not marry or raid for glory–and when their wolves mate with other wolves, their wolfcarls mate with each other. Man to man, wolf to wolf. Do you remember “The Neverending Story” and the mknette of safe books? Aside from the names issue, I have no complaints with the writing.


He’s iskrryne chosen by a female wolf-cub, a konigenwolf-in-waiting, which means that she will eventually be the alpha of her own pack. Though there was sex. The writing is lyrical in a sense, and the world brutal and stark in beauty. So, I felt the story lacked a central focus. The premise is interesting and fun: Men are growing too confident.

Iskryne World Series by Sarah Monette

Instead of telepathic dragons and euphemistic sex scenes which turn out okay for everyone because of course the green dragons choose gay men, this explores the complications for gender identity and sexuality.

See 2 questions about A Companion to Wolves…. That sort of thing would have helped A LOT to keep the many confusingly named characters straight.

And, yes, there was some homosexual activity within the main story, but the variety of emotional love between men represented in this novel was refreshing. The culture and language of such a society is well thought out and rather brutal in its reality.

The man and wolf have a psychic bond, but it is not all sparkly rainbows. The story itself, with the deadly threat of the trolls forging an unlikely alliance out of men, wolves and mountain smiths elf-like creatures of great powerwas solid, well crafted fantasy, nothing new but original enough to be exciting. Towards the end of the book Isolfr is described as “cold” and that seems to be the case as he doesn’t seem to bond with his human brothers, not in the same way that he’s bonded with his beloved wolf.

Review posted at The Armchair Reader. It seems obvious that no one is sure how to market it. It wasn’t until I was totally confused that I thought to look for it.

I loved the premise of a group of men who, in order to protect human villages from trolls, have formed a fighting society in which each becomes in essence, a soul-mate to a wolf. The wolf cubs choose their brothers. At first I really elizsbeth this book. I had a hard time keeping track of characters.


Iskryne Series in Order – Elizabeth Bear; Sarah Monette – FictionDB

And when the authors decided to srah us empathise with the death of the trolls– Fuckreally? There’s a really high level of craft with these two authors. Seriess, those reviews mislead me about the seriousness of this book – or better yet how seriously it takes itself.

The central role of sex and rape within the book is a trickier subject: Men who love wolves who love wolves who love men who fight trolls.

So I didn’t expect to find a superbly crafted realm and culture that delved skillfully into Norse mythology and language alike. I adore this book and right now, I’m still wallowing in the feelings and wistful afterglow of reading.

She raised an eyebrow, a long feathery, shaggy sweep. Her poem “Night Train: This isn’t a book about two men falling in love, it’s about one hetero man forcing himself to bend over for a bunch of guys.

A Companion to Wolves

saraj I feel as though the authors asked a whole lot of the reader in the way of suspending disbelief but gave very little pay-off for it. Apparently this is supposed to be something like the grittier wolf version of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series, which makes a lot of sense, in retrospect. And better to get him to write the song than be remembered forever as eizabeth Isolfr, the cold. I’m just a sucker for a isktyne animal soul bond story, and this one’s pretty good. As the Publisher’s Weekly review says on the back cover, “a brutal and beautiful novel about the meaning of honor”.

The whole thing is an exploration of honour and how Isolfr has to adjust his ideas of honour — and how his father also has to adjust, since that theme runs from the start of the story.