Khushi sits and remembers ASR’s words ASR remembers Khushi crying Shyam suggests a kurta with a closed collar. ANji, Nani and mami dicussing abt preparations SaRun rocking during AD breaks too Khushi will be very happy after marriage.

He turns back and see Khushi Anjali shows a ring to Arnav and asks howit is, Arnav says that its fine. ANji, Nani and mami dicussing abt preparations In the morningLa is so excited about her engagement dresses, rings etc etc. Khushi listening to all He closes his eyes He says yes n never breaking his gaze from Khushi , puts thenecklace around a smiling, ignorant Lavanya..

Khushi is feeling hurt ndisturbed by this action! Sarun rocked this scene Nothing matters, everything matters, part 2 This engagement will either happen tomorrow, or not at all. Khushi remembers yesterday’s confrontation with him!

DULUX ad is airing On the other side Khushi is surprised to see him. Khushi comes and akss Payal butshe dont doom him anything by thinking that she cant tell Khushi abt onemore difficulty.

She says that she want totalk to him but he says that he dont want to talk to her and she tellshim that how much others feel bad due to him and the people around himlove him so much. When he passes by, Khushisays -K – Anjali had told that you wont be coming! Next post Previous post.


Khushi looks at ASR ASR tells he is going Arnav has a second announcement – Khushi will organise the engagement.

Khushi wants to tell him. La is trying a chudi set Is comes and tell anji that La is callingher La worries why ASR is so angry AgainKhushi has tears in her eyes and he is again blank.

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He knows it makes a difference and it angers him that she will deny it, even now. He takes the jewellery and moves to Khushi and La. Did you take the ka yet or are you still preparingshe asks, and he says yes, I took it.

But the answers we seek come to us as we live lifeshe says, and those relationships become life-long. La is like its notthat bad and ASR is like he dont like that and these clothes have noclass and he tells her to change to which La says that she will notchange and he says that she will do as if he is saying and she willchange her dress now.

Arnav ends up wearing a blue, closed collar, Western-style kurta. Akash when speaks, Payal interferes each time as she isworried thinking that he has come with a proposal. Watch the episode here.


Arnav gifts a necklace to Lavanya

Basically mama thinks that she is talking to him whereas she is talking to panditjee for Akash marriage fixation. Always brings tears in her eyes La is excited to see and says its so pretty and asks whthr he had chosenit for her.

Akash tells anji that he told his feelings to payal Shyam blabbers something to khushi He is undergoing more pain by giving you pain Payal comesthere and shocked to see him at the door and explains kkya Bua that he wasAnjali’s n Arnav’s brother Akash. Amma thinks that she might be sad, Khushigoes to see Payal.

All make the list for the engagement and tells they will start the workfrom 2morrow