You played me like a fiddle! That’s how I’m going to make it look. It’s all part of the plan by Ghost Zone’s top sheriff, Walker, to capture and incarcerate Danny Phantom. Well, if it isn’t Jack Fenton. Meanwhile, Jack tries to bond with Jazz, who claims she wants nothing to do with ghosts but turns out to be a great ghost hunter after all. After a fight with a ghost from the future sent by the mysterious Clockwork puts the answers to the C.

The next day, Danny receives a D on his biology test, and Sam suggests that he earn extra credit by doing a report on the purple back gorilla. Jack never stands like that, but Danny sure does. Oatmeal becomes a key food in this episode. One less person for them to worry about. Danny wakes up from a dream-powered machine, only to find the citizens of Amity Park all under the same deep sleep, thanks to the ghost of dreams Nocturn, who is sucking up their dreams to increase his energy. Danny is a real Grinch when it comes to the holidays, but he gets a little lesson on Christmas spirit from the Ghostwriter. He handcuffs them together on his island and hunts them, holding the sack as ransom. Too weak to fight, Danny’s only option is to seek Pandora herself to stop the madness the Box Ghost caused.

One less person for them to worry about. But it is me. Even worse is that Technus seems epksode be pushing the romance in order to keep Danny busy and enable his next technological plan for world jwck. Sentenced to 1, years in the Ghost Zone Prison, Danny is locked up alongside many of his ghostly enemies he has fought and sent back to the Ghost Zone.

So, something like this could have happened, at some point:. Using his newfound ability to “overshadow” or inhabit another’s body, he talks his way out of trouble in his dad’s body.

Valerie is also voiced by Cree Summer for the rest of the show. Now that Jazz is a member of “Team Phantom,” she tries her hardest to help Danny capture ghosts but often accidentally hinders his success. While it’s strange enough that Danny encounters ghosts on his vacation, what he learns about Vlad proves even more surprising: As the two half-ghosts battle an enemy ghost together, Dani dodges questions from her curious relative; she feigns weakness and pretends to faint into Danny’s arms after the fight.


This is the only episode where none of the events take place in Amity Park. After watching both Danny Phantom and the ghost hunter fighting, Skulker wonders which one is a more worthy prize. I just wanted to line them all up. Too weak to fight, Danny’s only option is to seek Pandora herself to stop the madness the Box Ghost caused. Lancer offers them a chance to avoid detention by competing in a haunted house contest.

No, it’s an expression. In this episode, Danny Phantom verifies his ghost name to the people of Amity Park. Unbeknownst to her, he is a ghost planning to use her body to contain the spirit of his girlfriend, Kitty.

Jazz attempts to investigate Danny’s recent changes in eepisode. Determined to get it back, Danny ventures into the Ghost Zone for the first time. Ghost bugs invade every kid in Casper High causing them to exhibit ghostly powers that go awry.

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He must make his way to the invention and make himself back to normal size before his secret is exposed to Dash. This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat This is the only episode where Sam and Tucker are neither present nor are they mentioned or referenced. After rendering Danny Phantom unconscious in a fight, Vlad sees Danny transform back into Danny Fenton and learns that his enemy’s son shares a similar ghostly secret.

Danny, Sam, Tucker, and their classmates go on a camping trip only to find that there are monsters lurking within the forest, kidnapping campers one by one, leaving Danny and Sam to investigate the matter by themselves and reunite with Wulf.

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Meanwhile, the bullies in the school are being extra mean, and Danny decides to get some “ghostly getback”. Danny has difficulty with a ghost dog, and every time it appears, it causes trouble.

Jazz runs off to Vlad Masters Why do you do this to me anon? Who plasmous you like to see? It’s up to Danny and friends to get it back, and they must travel through portals and time to defeat Plasmius.

Jack brings his entire family to Wisconsin for his college reunion hosted by his old friend, Vlad Masters. The town of Amity Park is thrown into chaos by the town’s first mass invasion of ghosts.


Most recent Most popular Most recent. Danny Phantom dpisode to use his green ectoplasmic energy beams to erect an unusually strong shield which he can mold into any shape. Well, if it isn’t Jack Fenton. So, something like this could have happened, at some point: Unfortunately due to his actions, Danny then faces an alternate present where Vlad is married to Maddie and Jack is the half-ghost hero.

Dave Boat as Vortex.

Danny also faces the typical challenges of a high school student while attempting to keep his ghost half a secret, except from his best friends, Sam Manson and Tucker Foley, and later his sister, Jazz. You played me like a fiddle!

Worse, if Danny ruins Kitty’s plans by turning her down, she will, as Paulina, tell the entire town that he is the Ghost Boy.

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Danny desires a separation between his fun and superhero lives. I played you like the cheap kazoo you are! He gets a statue of his likeness erected in the capital city of every country in his honor and ends up plasmiuz dating Sam. That’s how I’m going to make it look. Will Danny be able to stop a possessed Tucker or will all be lost?

With 20 years more experience with his ghost powers and motivated by a hatred for Jack, Vlad becomes Danny’s archenemy. Danny must save Amity Park while also trying to keep his newly developed cryokinetic abilities in check with the help of his friend Frostbite. It’s up to Danny to save the city, make it to the party in time, and reconcile with Eoisode and Tucker. When Danny challenges her, she musically hypnotizes him with a “love song. Danny Mann as Amorpho. Danny Phantom asku Headcanon Vlad Masters jack fenton vlad plasmius jack plasmius masters of all time.