But she defends the horse riding as the requirement of a fourth rank Consort in the Palace. Lee Soon wants them to think that, if they take him for a love sick fool, he can sneak up on them. Ok Jung is preparing gift for her mother happily. Not so much done from her part. I reckon technically by this stage she should be suffering from extreme anxiety from all those pent-up worries. IH is the Queen. Chi Soo goes to a gisaeng house and changes into proper attire.

Plus he told her that his first good queen was very kind but he neglect her because he was in love with someone else. Ok Jang would rather be a firework since a person only has one lifetime to live and rather be eye-catching even if she flames out quickly….. I really wish the story would move along more and focus less on the skinship between the King and Ok Jung. I was wondering if you have a bias towards the actress who plays IH. Dowager Queen Kim says her son will never abandon the woman who gives him a child. High ranking palace ladies could smuggle in poison which I think was a likely case in how In Hyun could have died. But it did get boring.

Jang Ok Jung: Live for Love (the Review)

Skip to primary content. Is there something with your site recently? However, she consciously made the choice, even bargained to enter a loveless marriage for her position as queen and bring back the other woman for her husband.

Chi Soo is nonchalant, does he need to push things to the limit before Minister Min will take him seriously and arrange a meeting with the King?

Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 14 Recap

I cant understand where isthe same man who went through so much in his teens with the political factions seeking power and eventually matching them when he grew older to the current personality that he has.

As for the ralationship between leesoon and OJ, i also believe it is nothing more than passion and lust. Ok Jung lands on the ground and clutches her stomach. How jumg she expect to dine with the Dowager Queen!

By larus Started September 14, Yes, she asked for it. In Hyun promises to take care of things but Dowager Queen Kim is upset because the perfect timing was missed. I feel the opposite.


Finding someone equal to their own strength… they got how special that was. The royal physician asks whether the King should be told right away and Ok Jung asks for it to be kept a secret because she wants to tell him herself. I thought the different emotions displayed in ep 4 were what got my heart the most.

Both have every right to secure their own position junng the Palace. I quickly learned, however, that I was selling both the actor and the jungg far, far too short. Court Lady Joo is carrying a vase of flowers and rushing somewhere when suddenly Ok Jung steps directly into her path and epdraja her off repeatedly. Court Lady Joo agrees.

Ok Jung blushes and then says that her mom will be coming to the Palace for an event. Minister Min and his cronies walk by and he asks who the woman is that Minister Jo is speaking with. I think the episodf thing that bothers me are her snarky retorts, comments, and actions to Queen In Hyun.

If anyone says that these people in ep. Does she accept her lot in life, a loveless marriage without respect or even the modicum of Palace etiquette from epusode King? Kang doesnt have people telling him who he should sleep with and when he should sleep with them. He only ol eyes for Ok Jung and her mom and walks over to greet them warmly.

Lee Soon stands before Ok Jung in the garden and they stare at each other. I love the couple however almost all or most of the episodes are showing how loving both of them are.

Btw, if you like palace politics and intrigue done right with acting to match, you should give Cruel Palace a go. In Hyun realizes too epdramq time has passed and suddenly remembers her first meeting with Ok Jung when she described how the clothes was made so beautiful so the flower can attract the butterfly.

A good sageuk, even one with a romance novel core, is epdraa a world of people who only have one purpose in life. I love this episode more than previous episode, nevertheless I still think twice to put my empathize to IH character or other character in this drama after nine impeccably episodes has passed. Plus he told her that his first good queen was very kind but he neglect her because he was in love with someone else.


She must do something as a Queen. Live for Love air date: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here And dont forget the king mom. Lee Soon solemnly declares that he has now made her Heebin and then she will bear him a son, that is the clothes he promised her.

Lee Soon llove Prince Dongpyung discuss what to do about the Qing encroachment. Always a pleasure to read them every Monday and Tuesday. If In Hyun was cruel and evil she might since Ok Jung is competition, but Dowager Queen Kim understands her duty above all else and family is important to her and that baby belongs to the royal family even if Ok Jung is her hated foe. She can endure any humiliation for him.

It was a rerun in my country. In Hyun calmly drinks her lov after Ok Jung leaves. This is a historical FICTION which focusing on famous historical figures of epiaode popular personalities that have been featured into a new vision.

Am I the only one that can see how pathetic the queen is? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In Hyun looks crushed while those two make out. Where is the calculating, level-headed, throne-first man of earlier?

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Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 14 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

Sad that it is too late for that…or is it? Court Lady Joo begs for her life so Ok Jung makes her agree to do whatever she asks of her in the future. Hyun Chi Soo finally returns to Joseon as he steps off a boat from the Qing dynasty.