Hardcover , pages. However, the novel becomes too preachy at one point and it felt rather sexist to continue a page narrative on that age old good girl vs. First of all, thank you Nemrah for writing something different. I thought that both Islamic Law and Pakistani Law demanded that the girl and boy in age should be mature in both physical and mental sense. I like Nimra ahmed’s effort of bringing everybody closer to the meanings of the Quran through explaining some ayahs! They do not shy away from indulging too much into description of a married couple. If you loved it, that’s amazing.

White rose with a letter written to my valentine This novel might be a masterpiece for our typical girls because the only thing they do is fantasize their love story, wedding and a typical extra smart and handsome husband like Jehan. I wish i ll get someone from the army for my future life. Khaber daar agar meri biwi ky baray ak lafz b galat kaha tum ny irum. This made me cent percent sure that the writer has absolutely no clue about what a spiritual change is. That time was the toughest time of my life thatsy this story point made me helplessly cry. Leaves of Heaven is like a roller coaster ride in which most of your guesses will be proved wrong and this mysterious story will keep its secrets safe till the last sentence.

But with Nimra Ahmed, every dialogue in this novel sounded like a forced philosophy. If you’ve read “Jannat ke Pattay”, you would be pleasantly surprised that a couple can be close to each other without touch. Nimra Ahmed ka bhi ek formula hai: Arrogance is not a symbol of being ;attay or classy.

I didnt even know the single word of all lectures. I read this story extremely late even though I am usually up to date with these things. In the start the book was very good, a good mystery but then it took a filmy turn which is Nimra Ahmed’s forte, so i was like rolling my eyes throughout that part and i was telling and laughing over it with my bro.

She is a terrific writer nonetheless. At some point my friends were teasing me to gave me the spoilers but i said i ll kill you all if anyone give me spoilers. Taya furqan Waleed Irum Hashim The best dialogues are Us larki ky nam jo kisi un readinf ristay ky jurny ky khoof sy roti hy tu kabi un chahy rishtay ky tootny ky khoof sy roti hy.


Jannat Kay Pattay / جنت کے پتے by Nemrah Ahmed

Return to Book Page. The novel was full of extra scenes which were too boring to read so the reader can skip those parts and can further move on. Jaannat 29, ahmad afridi rated it did not like it Shelves: Turkish language, their trends and traditions were worth reading.

This character is pttay of a kind which makes you wonder why there can’t be people like him in real life. I do think that the novel was lengthier than it was meant to be, but the plot was awesome!

It was one of my earlier books and maybe my first proper urdu novel and I loved it. Firstly, the things admired me most: Wait till you read Jannat Ke Pattay!!!

Though I always doubted Ayeshy’s intentions but eventually loved her. It is my first Urdu literature novel and rightly so it was worth all the praise and glory. Jun 25, Humera gull rated it it was amazing Shelves: When you think about it, his reason for hating Haya in the beginning and distrusting her was so stupid.

Even some of the seasoned writers, names I will not mention here; are too vivid in describing the intimate moments. Haya’s one dialogue Jahanum ma jao reminded of my best friend. After that I was only interested in Jehan Sikander btw what is with our Urdu female writers: I am so glad to have come across Nemrah Ahmed’s writings two years ago.

First of all, thank you Nemrah for writing something different.

Jannat Kay Pattay A Socio Romantic Urdu Novel by Women Digest Writer & Novelist Nemrah Ahmed

A very weird image of Islam was portrayed in jannaat novel. This book actually pathay a great role in the life of a friend of mine and she recommended this to me. Haya and Jahan both have special place in my heart. Books by Nemrah Ahmed. Of course, I loved that said character then but the more I thought about it, the more I ran away from it and decided to rate it lower.


Jannat Kay Pattay / جنت کے پتے

Aug 08, Ambreen Abbasi rated it it was amazing. Hardcoverpages. I’m not going to compare her with Umera Ahmed or any other writer to kill her individuality. The characters were deep. Nov 06, Hina Tabassum rated it it was ok. It might be because our average readers like to read romantic stories with a touch of religion.

I like how she interweaves the plot in different time periods. Nimrah Ahmed-You are magical from one Potterhead to another-because you mentioned Harry potter four times in this novel. Reaing is spisode among all the novel characters i have read salaar hamayun fawad Abi and haider arfeen I just loved Jihaan personality coz i liked the army officers most.

It was first published in Shuaa Digest from March to May The way hero was shown playing three characters of Dolly, Major and Pasha simultaneoulsy cracked my common sense. Feb 22, Saman And i love their reserved personality and i wish i could also find someone like Major Jihaan Sikander Ahmed. To start off with the title, “Jannat kay Pattay” mind blowing and awesome.

Jannat Ke Pattay VII By Nimra Ahmed

This book also has the most typical villain called Waleed who tries to force himself on the beautiful heroine before she is saved by the hero because this is what every villain does. But jannat ke patty has a little bit of everyting. I totally despise Jehan. To keep the video away from the eyes of the members of her traditional family and to avoid any complications, she had to contact an officer of the Cyber Crime Cell who could have had her video removed.

At one point I started thinking why didn’t the writer made Haya as Jehaan. In addition, Pakistani Law demands that the girl should be at least 16 and the boy Sep 29, Moneeza Rafiq rated it it was ok Shelves: