Here, it is the Russian soldiers who are handsome and honest. In the meantime,I have created subtitles for this film that are currently only available here. This is especially true in the northern climes, where the days get dark and frigid. In Hollywood films of the period, U. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The film was very popular, even though it was released in October, well before the Christmas season. Reisch was captured by the Americans soon thereafter and spent a short time as a prisoner of war before joining one of the anti-fascist schools set up by the Soviets.

A man named Kalle is given the task of bringing the carbide back to Dresden from the factory in Wittenberg. His transformation from the naive, warm-hearted proletarian to the greedy, cold-hearted capitalist is a Jekyll-and-Hyde performance. The knight is notable for the remarkable state of preservation of his body without any mummification process involved. Wallett Waller Jack Nicholson. A few even showed scenes of battles, but, for the most part, the preferred to steer clear of the subject of men at war. He and Sabine sneak across the border with the money to deposit it in a West German bank. Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: Behind the Door New Restoration 1 year ago.

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Reisch was captured by the Americans soon thereafter and spent a short time as a prisoner of war before joining one of the anti-fascist schools set up by the Soviets. She has won awards, both for her acting and her humanitarian efforts.

While serving on the Eastern Front, Gorrick did what many others in his battalion did: Parisian Love 8 years ago.

She continued drr after the Wendeand was, like many other East German actors, a regular on the TV hospital drama, In aller Freundschaft. In Castles and CottagesGeschonneck plays one of his least sympathetic characters. In Hollywood films of the period, U. Karla dreams of becoming an actress.


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About Me Ithankyou It’s pronounced “Ithank-yew! Geschonneck retired after the wall came down, returning only once to television to star in Matulla und Busch —a TV movie directed by his son Matti Geschonneck.

Magnus Hirschfeld Dylan Turner E. Reisch appears to have taken these lessons to heart. Of course, the target for this kind of comedy is nearly always western-style capitalism and the avariciousness of its followers, but in black humor there is an inherent, if unspoken, acknowledgement that people are the same everywhere: As is often the case with families, both in films and real life, Christmas can be the time when family members who have spent most of the year avoiding each other are forced into the same room together and finally blow up.

She Blogged By Night. The one young woman Kalle encounters who wants to go to America is portrayed as vapid and self-serving, suggesting that cilm a stupid person would think things are better in the west.

Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: Over his long career in East Germany, Geschonneck proved he could play virtually any type of role, from the lovable nebbish in Carbide and Sorrel to the brave battalion leader in Five Cartridges. He died in Berlin in Moik was born in Berlin, and began his acting career jajosik the waning days of the Third Reich, working at first on radio, and later appearing in movies.

A Mythical Monkey writes about the movies.

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The others were relative newcomers. The cinematography was by two of the best technicians working in East Germany at the time—Ernst Kunstmann and Bruno Mondi. But here his character is without almost any redeeming qualities. This site uses cookies. The sole American he encounters is a fat buffoon with rotten teeth.


A quick rundown of the cast shows that nearly everyone who worked on this film came from West Germany. At DEFA it was okay for soldiers to be heroes as long as they were communists, but even so, this sort of front bergge battle saga was not that common.

Because of the U. Wallett Waller Jack Nicholson. Posted by Ithankyou at IMDB page for this film.

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Paul Verhoeven is not related to the Dutch director of the same name. He died a few months after it aired and is buried in the Dorotheenstadt cemetery in Berlin. He got his start in films during the Third Reich, when he both acted and starred in several motion pictures. It was released right before Christmas and was huge hit on both sides of the borders.

Lutz Moik plays Peter the collier. Castles and Cottages is a unique film. He tells Peter he will replace his heart with one made of stone.

Live cinema… Harbour Driftwith Stephen Ho Like that other popular film composer, Karl-Ernst Sasse, Neef was a classically trained musician and it shows. To make matters worse, Anne is pregnant and is planning to keep the baby.

In some places, the protests turned particularly nasty.