In many series there’s that one guy who starting from book one is the one that draws my attention and likes to steal the spotlight from the main characters. I do profess some surprise with the rather degenerate moral state of elevated society presented in the novel, though. Devilish by Jo Beverley. With her mature writing, she takes on a sensitive subject about mourning. All dark and mysterious and hot and stuff and things I thorou Beverly is a natural storyteller.

To offset that a little bit, though, is a fascinating exploration of sex weakening a relationship view spoiler [by taking away one partner’s certainty, comfort, and strength found in their own hard-won personal virtue. Beverley is a master storyteller and… Meer. Travelling in said coach is Lord Cynric Malloren, the youngest member of the Malloren clan who has just recovered from war wounds and itching for adventure. She felt his tongue swirl around first one nipple, then the other, and caught her breath at the sweetness of the sensation. They can’t trust their father, either, after he did some terrible things to Chastity to t I think I’ve found myself a new romance author. He decides that he wants to marry her, but Cyn has to convince her first and they have a number of issues to work through, including uncovering the reason for her current circumstances and the reparation of her reputation with the help of his influential family, before they can reach their happily ever after. Company of Rogues Ser.:

He immediately notices that “Charles” is in fact a woman and but keeps this knowledge to himself as he agrees to help the sisters with their mission. Since she was in disguise, he didn’t know who she rea Warning: I had to modify this review here, because I fell asleep.


Mallorens & Friends Series

Seriously, I cannot believe that I’ve never stumbled across it before. There are times where I feel like JB just likes to add a lot of melodrama. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Quotes from My Lady Notorious. He agrees to help the sisters to reunite Verity with her long-lost love and goes even further by dressing up as a WOMAN to do so I love gender-benders and this is the first one that the man does some crossdressing too.

Jo Beverley Lord of my Heart. Other books in the series. Seduction In Silk by Jo Beverley.

The Duchess of Belcraven committed a folly, and bore her husband another man’s child. THEN at her wedding, she has to swear before freakin’ royalty that she’s pure. So it is to this cottage that Verity comes, and Chastity is determined to help derie escape to her sister’s true love, an army officer.

The hero, Cyn, and his family were the only saving grace to get me through this book. Jo Beverley Dragon and the Princess. First published inMy Lady Notorious holds up remarkably well – no insta-love through rape, no terrible casual misogyny, none of the “no means take me I am yours” and the steam Many moons ago, My Lady Notorious by Jo Beverley was, along with Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander and Stephanie Laurens’ Devil’s Bridemy first foray into historical romance.

Of course, she’s accosted multiple times on the way, once by Cyn’s brother, and once by her OWN brother. Spine creases from reading.

At 17, he ran away to join the army after Rothgar refuses to buy him a commission. This book was just so bizarre. And a new widow, mo the husband her father forced on her recently died in the arms of his mistress. The story of Chastity, a disgraced lady determined to help her sister avoid someone who wants to harm her baby, and Cyn Malloren, youngest of the Malloren siblings and her hostage, after mallorwn pretends to be a highwayman and robs him to get some money and his carriage.


Tempting Fortune by Jo Beverley. She had me laughing from the first chapter. And much of the conflict occurs in I kid you not the town of Maidenhead.

My Lady Notorious (Malloren, #1) by Jo Beverley

Secrets of the Night. When he realizes she is the ruined Lady Chastity Ware, neither his lust nor his intentions toward her change. Meer informatie over Kobo Plus. The Secret Duke by Jo Beverley. Explore More from this Seller. Through no fault of her own, Genova Smith is in t… More. Did a fine job of inhabiting the alternate voices of Lady Chastity, and her alter egos, Charles and Chloe. He is craving adventure, and saving a damsel in distress, even if she does not seem to want him to save her, sounds like a great plan to him.

Type boek Korte verhalen. Shelve The Secret Duke.