To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: There are even five Presidents of the USA who claim descent from this line. This was done by royal charters which were later ratified by parliament parliament was not independent in those days and took its cue from the king. If and when I see an error of fact, I just have to correct it. Henry did this purely due to his personal affection and loyalty to Katherine. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Illustrious Queen — History… the interesting bits! It’s just an amazing story whichever way you look at it — Anya Seton is a talented writer while Alison Weir is very gifted at reading between the lines and making the facts come to life — definitely try her book out if you liked the novel! I fell deeply in love with John of Gaunt and if I had to pick 10 people alive or departed to join me round the table at my Last Supper.. I’m hearing things I must have forgotten I had read! Richard II issued a charter which confirmed the legitimacy of the children, following the papal bull, however Henry IV barred them from the throne. She spent her girlhood dependent upon the charity of others, but would die the widow of one of the most powerful men in England, and so the world. This was seen as being largely due to the public disgust at his lifestyle. What an amazing inheritance from this pair of medieval lovers.

Katherine had roughly three children with Hugh, John had had three surviving approx children with Blanche. Joan’s is the smaller of the two tombs; both were decorated with monumental brasses — full-length representations of them on the tops, and small shields bearing coats of arms around the sides and on the top — but those were damaged or destroyed in during the English Civil War.

I lived in Lancaster last year because I was doing a course and although said course was recommended by one of my parents who is an expert in the field of education, a major excitement for me was that this was Lancaster, Home of John of Gaunt.

John of Gaunt In in order to avoid the plague, Blanche moved her family to Bolingbroke in the Lincolnshire countryside.


I’m half-way through Katherine and looking forward to reading Weir’s book. Their four children had been given the swynfford ” Beaufort ” and with the approval of King Richard II and the Pope were legitimated as adults by their parents’ marriage in The story of John of Gaunt and his Scandalous Duchess. Anne O’Brien gave a lecture in our Museum lecture auditorium and the place was packed to the rafters!

Just caught both of these last two comments. When neither of them was young — John was fifty six and Katherine forty six — he married her.

Weir disagrees, pointing out that what the quitclaim actually meant was that the person issuing it e. Katherine de Roet c. I have re-read it every year for Nostogia for the past 35 years. She was buried, close to the High Altar, in the cathedral in swynfird she had married her prince just 7 years earlier.

Through their four children, Katherine and John are the progenitors of the Tudor, Lancaster and York royal lines. I look forward to the novel. House of Lancaster by marriage. I katherins more about medieval history now, as I read widely after my imagination kxtherine fired by Anya Seton, John of Gaunt would be the person I would want to meet if you could time travel….

Thank you, much appreciated.

Katherine Swynford, Duchess of Scandal – History… the interesting bits!

At Lincoln Cathedral, vaunt January and a quarter of a century after the start of their relationship, John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford were married. Blanche, Duchess of Lancaster — History… the interesting bits!

A true love story,sigh! This book was found on their shelf because of its accuracy.

Katherine Swynford

This page was last edited on 26 Februaryat Previous Article Book Corner: I have always read that the exclusion kagherine by Henry IV, in Dragging the kids around the British Museum amazing placeI found that Alison Weir had written a biography, bought it and then we nearly missed our stop on the Tube on the way back because I got into it moovie fast.

Princes did not marry their mistresses, but John married Katherine. I took a photo of his portrait instead.

In her own time she was a woman of little importance. The good people of Lincoln gave her a bit of a grilling, but she is a very nice lady, doing her best with scant information. The ailing duchess Blanche had Katherine’s daughter Blanche her namesake placed within her own daughters’ chambers and afforded the same luxuries as her daughters; additionally, John of Gaunt stood as godfather to the child. Oh I know — it’s such a fantastic biography — and John of Gaunt is so very amazing!


You are commenting using your WordPress. Thanks for the recommendation. If only books like these could be used to get children interested in history, as part of a reading list maybe.

There might yet be an unknown actress who embodies both. Katherine appeals to us because she managed to captivate a royal prince for thirty years. I johj the math. This site uses cookies. I first read it as a teenager, back in the s. Perhaps this is why Katherine and her lover have remained so vivid throughout history.

Reblogged this on The Historical Diaries. On a less cheery note, Thomas Swynford very probably starved Richard II to death to make his stepbrother easier on the throne.

Review: Katherine, Anya Seton vs. Katherine Swynford, Alison Weir – Girl with her Head in a Book

As you say — it’s a love kathernie that changed history. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Loved the post as usual!

Blood Sisters, Sarah Gristwood Review: Katherine Swynford, Duchess of Scandal — History… the interesting bits! Lucraft’s book seeks to establish Swynford as a powerful figure in the politics of 14th-century England and an example of a woman’s swynofrd to manipulate contemporary social mores for her own interests.

It’s just an amazing story whichever way you look at it — Anya Seton is a talented writer while Alison Weir is very gifted at reading between the lines and making the facts come to ggaunt — definitely try her book out if you liked the novel!