When the two exchange shots, R and Hex manage to hit each other’s left eyes, with R’s wound being fatal. Miami, Koko agrees with her idea to give a name to their plan which from then on is called “Jormungand”. With their job done, Koko’s team flies out of the country. Later during a science lesson, Mao shares with Jonah that he is married with children, and he was discharged from his artillery unit before being hired as one of Koko’s bodyguards, something his children does not know. Much to her annoyance, she is also tasked to sneak in ten doctors from the humanitarian organization, Outspoken Doctors for Humanity, led by Leon Riviere. Koko wants to get out of the country as soon as possible since she does not deal with clients who pay on credit. Koko celebrates with her bodyguards over dinner where they welcome Jonah into their group. Claiming that her plan is already past the point of no return even if he kills her, Koko convinces Jonah to put down his gun, but because he cannot decide whether or not to join her, he flees away instead.

A flashback reveals that Chinatsu was a survivor of a killing spree at an opera caused by Maestro, who was impressed when she shot him from behind. Lehm intervenes to stop Valmet from further harming Karen because they are not alley thugs. Chinatsu vows revenge against Koko before she escapes. Meanwhile, Kasper sends a message to the Japanese company by having some of their men killed. Koko’s team has a meeting in England with Dr. Meanwhile, Koko has formed a front company that is purchasing Euro Group stocks as part of a hostile takeover. Kasper brings Jonah to the dormitory where the three are living, but Jonah decides to not meet them, being satisfied for just knowing they are doing well. Meanwhile, Jonah tells Koko how he thinks guns make people into monsters, and she thanks him for opening up to her.

The members of the private military company named Excalibur are fired by Koko for shooting a passing vehicle without even checking if it was a threat or not, but their interpreter Nazal offers himself to accompany them on their Iraqi trip.

Valmet eventually gains the upper hand, seeing Karen as a reminder of herself when she had been severely wounded in Africa as a UN peacekeeper. However, everyone except Jonah jndo sick after eating his scrambled eggs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meanwhile, the rest of Koko’s bodyguards head ino the mountains to locate and protect Dr.

Dont Mess With Koko – Jormungand Perfect Order episode 03

As she and Jonah return to their hotel, they have an in-depth discussion about arms dealing. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat When the two exchange shots, R and Hex manage to hit each other’s left eyes, with R’s wound being fatal. Jonah escapes death after informing Koko that the supposed rendezvous point was empty at Tokyo Bay Aqua Line’s Umihotaru, avoiding an ambush after Tojo finds him.

As she kills the Daxinghai contractors protecting the base, she is saved from a idno by Jonah, who manages to fight off the effects of the drug. Koko Hekmatyar personally recruits Jonathan “Jonah” Mar before they travel en route to Eastern Europe, where a local government official has kept a shipment of HCLI MiG fighter upgrades under lockdown from his country’s air force for fear it would lead to regional tension with its neighbors.


As she bids farewell to Dr. Meanwhile, Scarecrow is informed that Koko has been secretly pooling all her resources in the toy factory in South Africa, a move she is concealing even from HCLI. Koko later gives her team new weapons to replace their personal weapons while conducting VIP protection exercises. Miami and Mokoena went out to scavenge shellfish at a beach. After jormunggand rest of Koko’s team reaches the scene and takes down the snipers giving support to Hex, she is forced to give the order to retreat.

During their conversation, Koko offers Chinatsu to join her team, but Chinatsu refuses and tries to kill Koko. Later, Curry has dinner with Dr.

Chinatsu jormunand revenge against Koko before she escapes. After talking about the similarities and differences between them, Amalia concedes defeat over shb contract bid while Koko agrees to sell back Euro Group stocks to her at a five percent premium, but not before Valmet, Lutz and Wilee non-lethally neutralize the mercenary snipers.

However, Chinatsu is shot to death by Lehm with his sniper rifle from a distance. Jonah ponders that despite having traveled with her for so much time, he has not yet realized her true character.

Miami and her bodyguard Mokoena have gone off to the mountains to find butterflies. When Pollack’s mountain infantry unit surrounds everyone in the building they are hiding, Koko and her team decides to face the unit, but she betrays Curry by telling the unit that the people who murdered Pollack’s escorts are inside the building before the group flees.

Koko and the others were able to get away, managing to defeat the remaining SR Unit operatives. Much to her annoyance, she is also tasked to sneak in ten doctors from the humanitarian organization, Outspoken Doctors for Humanity, led by Leon Riviere. Jonah easily beats Lutz in a game of paintball. Schokolade informs Koko that Chen was crippled after stepping on a land mine in the past, which explains why he prematurely aged. In truth, the meeting is a diversion to allow Valmet and Akihiko Tojo to convince the air force to cancel Kloshkin’s deal while Lehm, MaoUgo and Lutz kill the snipers protecting him.

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Valmet finally confronts Chen, where they share some words before she kills him, jotmungand avenging the deaths of her subordinates. According to Koko, the quantum supercomputer and HCLI’s satellite network together form the Jormungand system, which she will use to take control of the world to prevent further wars.

As a gunfight ensues in downtown Dubai, Jonah and Valmet protect Koko from Orchestra, while the latter easily kills Perfecy Police Force officers responding to ordder shootout.

He wants jormunagnd treat the country’s ethnic cleansing victims jormunvand expose the crimes of Serbian war criminal Dragan “Baldra” Nikolaevich, leader of the Balkan Dragons militia, who has a strong influence over the nation’s army due to his connections. Koko and her bodyguards eventually arrives at Heathrow airport in London, but not before having a minor problem with an airport security metal detector when Jonah insist to the guard that he had been shot in the butt a long time ago.


Just after leaving, Epiisode learns of Hex’s apparent suicide and decides not to give up on Sbu, after being reminded by the voices of R and Hex, who warn him not to underestimate Koko. However, Pollack wants her to deliver antiaircraft weaponry for his army, and he will not take no for an answer. According to the intel about their recent activities, Koko and Dr.

However, Kasper heads to the restroom as well where Jonah attempts to kill him, but Kasper’s bodyguard Chequita stops Jonah and disarms him. However, Amalia Torohovskya former actress and arms dealer for Euro Group, gets a head start on Koko when she manages to convince almost all of Country B’s delegates to side with Euro Group.

Both agree with the idea, but first they must take one last job assigned to them, which is to assassinate Koko.

However, Black wants to keep Hex under his control, even if that means having to sacrifice Jonah in the process. At the start of the series, she recruits Jonathan “Jonah” Mar, an experienced child soldier who had once fought in West Asia, as one of her bodyguards. Meanwhile, Jonah tells Koko how perfdct thinks guns make people into monsters, and she thanks him for opening up to her. On the other hand, Karen Low of the Daxinghai Company is covertly deployed to the mountains with a small team of Daxinghai contractors to abduct Dr.

However, jormuntand Koko reveals that all airplanes in midair will inevitably crash when that happens, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, a desperate Jonah draws his gun in an attempt to dissuade her.

In the present, Koko makes Kasper leave her ship after hearing about what happened in the restroom, having to apologize to Jonah for this. Koko wants to get out of the country as soon as possible since she does not deal with clients who pay on credit.

Koko learns from Dr. He later learned that Malkaone of the orphans, died being used as a human probe to clear a path filled with land mines, sending him on a rampage and killing everyone in the base, including an arms dealer named Yusuf Gasud. Black and Hinoki react coldly to the announcement, and Jonah realizes that Koko has no interest in this at all when she briefly discusses it with Amalia.

After safely delivering the rest of the doctors to their destination near a refugee camp, Koko sends Lehm, Mao and Wilee to ambush Baldra’s convoy, rescuing Riviere, capturing Baldra and giving his location to Scarecrow and Schokolade, who sends a US Marine SOR commando team to get him. Lists of anime episodes. Minami “Miami” Amada has an encounter with Karen Lowand by learning that she is unemployed, she decides to hire her as a bodyguard. Koko’s team has a meeting in England with Dr.