I can’t put the videos on the forum, they are too big around 14Mo each but I can send a link to download them from my dropbox. Viking Invasion L’Invasion Viking A pleasant spring day at Kaamelott is interrupted by a pair of Vikings, who are satisfied with minimal booty. Le Combat des Chefs La Joute Ancillaire La Roche et le Fer You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Childcare La Nourrice V. Perceval of Sinope Perceval De Sinope –cf. The two-part numbers in parentheses, as above, indicate the broadcast order of the 7-minute episodes with these titles. Perceval plays raitournelle Perceval fait raitournelle IV. Rivals Les Rivales V. Hi, I am Marine. Now he has arrived at Kaamelott ready to duel. Basidiomycota Problems with a mushroom omelette on the battlefield.

Episode List

La Garde Royale Ambidextrous Ambidextrie Perceval, when being briefed on a battle plan, insists that not only left and right but the compass points are relative. Retrieved from ” https: Les Plaques de Dissimulation La Vie est Belle The True Nature Of the Graal La Vraie Nature du Graal In the midst of a dispute over whether an improved road is actually an improvement, Arthur makes a stirring speech which recalls the knights of the Round Table to their quest Un Bruit Dans la Nuit.


Aux yeux de tous III. Renunciation part 2 Le Renoncement 2e partie IV.

List of Kaamelott episodes – Wikipedia

Aux kaamelott de tous III Le Labyrinthe Livre 1 Episode 1: Le Dragon des Tunnels. Alone in the Dark Des Hommes d’Honneur Perceval joins him and Arthur and they have to explain to him what it means to be a eunuch.

Curiosity part 1 Les Curieux 1re partie IV.

He refuses to go there. Tel un Chevalier Les clous de la Sainte-Croix The knights complain about their boring diet and ask for more green vegetables.

Le Sanglier de Cornouailles Les clous de la Sainte-Croix. Feue la Vache de Roparzh. The Portrait Le Portrait Writer: Le Tourment III La Jupe de Calogrenant Broadcast involved two minute episodes on May 1,followed by 25 7-minute episodes covering the same material; and one minute episode on November 5,followed by 25 7-minute episodes covering the same material, for a total of 50 episodes.


Nocturnales Les Nocturnales V. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

La Mort le Roy Artu Arthur dubs him quick and dirty, just to be sure. Le Choix de Gauvain La Table de Breccan.

Since Arthur is a practicing polygamist L’Arche de Transport