Anotehr drives-me-crazy thing, since Dr Jang’s departure, no one can umderstand Deoki. A few weeks ago I started writing an intro that seemed more like a farewell so I wanted to save what I had written for the finale post, but I want to say it now before E23 airs. Lady Choi tries to take the wet cloth from Young so she can take care of Eun-soo now but Young refuses to let go. AnneOfGreenGable October 30, at Ki Chul adds his condition: I am not surprised he scapes 2. Hope the ending is a good one

Is anyone else as distressed as I am over Dol-bae? After Eun Soo and the woodalchi were injured by the flute, Young walked over and wiped the blood off her ears. It sort of felt like the first time he hugged her — it was uncertain and unfamiliar — as if it had been a very long time since he has done this and sort of forgot how. I felt G is super in love for our queen. HeeSunIsBeautiful October 30, at 5: You know we sometimes doubting our skill, strength, literally and phisically when we have to face problem in our life.

When Young was feeding her the aspirin, I was like Notify me of new posts via email. By the time Young arrives, the palace floors are strewn with bodies. Skysky October 30, at 1: When the raindrops start to fall one by one and they hit my forehead, I look up at the sky- raith moment.

Ennayra October 30, at 3: Episodes by odilettante. ES starts of with fiery red hair which hangs loosely on her shoulders. Depression is not something you can shake off with a simple “yes I can”, so it makes sense to me that CY’s doubts would end up showing up in a physical way. Does kaforama know what happened to Ki Chul in real life history? I felt G is super in love for our queen.


I suppose that seeing ES alive will do it, or so I hope! The thing is future ES has to travel back in time to leave all the hints right?

My favorite moment was during the roll call when CY called the doc by her real name. CY will get married with his first wife, not the fiancee one, a real marriage.

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Also dying of curiosity what could the mysterious third item in the chest be!!!! If anything, I still firmly believe this show has what it takes to end strong and not let its audience down. Young enters the royal court and sees recapz men dead on the floor. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Faithyou big tease!

Recap: “Faith” Episode 23

The pellets will give him strength, but only for a quarter of a day, and will be followed by severe side effects. I just hope he has enough money to buy his hearts desire Your email address will not be published.

I don’t think my heart could take it!!! Sad The last time this happened to me was during King 2 Hearts, which was understandable because that drama was well directed and all. He cares about his looks too much to say ease up on the makeup.

Gotta mentally prepare for this last episode Young sees Dol-bae start to ready his spear and knows what he is planning to do.

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Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Eum-ja, in his own cell, signals to traitorous soldiers in the prison and they help him and Hwasooin escape.

Shopping is my favorite for of fait therapy AND my favorite aerobic exercise! Gonna start sobbing now. Eun-soo covers her mouth in glee and Young asks if she is that happy with this.

Nah, he dies now. And a happy one! Awww 2 Aunt Choi was probably thinking as she looked away Down in the prison, Ki Chul is talking to Eum-ja, who can hear him using his power. Young goes to see Ki Chul first. After Eun Soo and the woodalchi were injured by the flute, Young walked over and wiped the blood off her ears.


I Love U Faith. Hopefully ladorama this drama ends, his face will go back to looking younger again. That probably led him to question his life of killing. Young asks her to look at him. Young’s hands first started failing right after he defeat 7 murderers sent by Ki Cheol.

I still didn’t like the lead actress, she’s good in acting no question about that, it’s just a very part of me wanted it to be real, like QIHM, or Cityhall, where OTP’s canyou know have the possibility.

What have you done to me, drama? Be it sad or happy. All the times CY is either hurt stab almost killed by GC in the fight, almost blown up by DH to escort the ministries etc are one way or another is because of ES being there. His arm I think is now a manifestation oadorama that doubt of being able to protect her. I just have hope that will be a happy ending as if the history says Choi young living a long life. He wants only Gongmin to remain behind and have all the others leave because they are getting on his nerves.

CY will be fine, coz in history he will go on to live in old age.