Then Haruto leaps off the balcony scoring a 9, 8. Even L-Elf is reduced to laughing for the first time in many years. The anime uses ten pieces of theme music: However Raizo intercepts Q-vier and buys enough time for Akira to complete the hacking—at the cost of his life and the Valvrave 03’s destruction. Shoko asks how he knows the route and Otamaya reveals that he is a peeping tom. Another question, how are they gonna repair the module or get oxygen now? Haruto and Saki engage the enemies unaware that they are being drawn away from the base and giving an opening for a second invading force. There is some really gorgeous action animation here.

This site uses cookies. Despite Saki’s attempts to lure the Dorssian ground forces into the trap, A-drei anticipates L-elf’s plan, forcing him to detonate the bombs while H-neun attacks the crevasse. There will likely be some kind of climax and resolution with the current conflict with Dorssia. This smile breaks my kokoro. All their families are hostage so unless they surrender things will go badly. And look, it was L-Elf again who did the dirty job. Finally, the Valvrave 01’s Harakiri Blade decimates the remaining Dorssians, subsequently erasing the last of Marie’s memories. Haruto, L-elf and Takumi learn from the Pino AI that the Valvrave 01 began extracting the Runes of Marie’s life force when she ran out of memories, killing her in the process.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Haruto, somehow, seems to have some hope left regarding the cowardly Senator Figaro.

As the Valvrave 01 and 02 head into space once more, Cain blames the Valvrave pilots for disrupting the Magius’ attempt at world peace.

At the same time, the Valvraves 03 and 05 successfully destroy the Dorssian Ideal Blume mobile base, valvrage find themselves facing a new Dorssian weapon—two Kirchbaum mecha which immediately cut through the Valvrave There will likely be some kind of climax and resolution with valvrav current conflict with Dorssia.


This post will contain spoilers of the complete first season and also contain discussion of sexual assault, for those who need the heads-up.

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However Saki’s regenerative powers manifest, resurrecting her and disrupting the peace talks with Amadeus revealing that the Valvrave pilots are not human. Idk if this is their plan to supress Magius to use someone episodde from the human race to fight them. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Elsewhere, the Magius organization gathers. She is a genious with the stripping threat XD. I noticed a different atmosphere of the series from Buddy Complex or any mecha animes. Can’t wait for subs: Especially loved Shouko during it.

The other valvraves consume runes collected by Haruto in unit 01 as evidenced with all of them shutting down when he is suppressing the urge to bite anyone. Haruto saves the day!


This episode reminds of Guilty Episkde with the student revolution crap. As the water crystallizes, it freezes the metallic boomerangs covering the Valvraves, and allow them to move once more. Amidst the chaos, President Anderson also exposes the Magius to the world, sparking various Dorssian uprisings in favor of the Royalists. When the screen said “Your Mistake”, I was like “that’s the understatement of the year. Out of fear, Iori Kitagawa and kakumeikj other occupants then trick Haruto into returning to the ship and restrain him, revealing that Anderson has offered them safe passage in exchange for Haruto.

Dorssian army will catch up to them. This site uses cookies. With Module 77’s communications secured, L-elf then storms the press conference, slitting Amadeus’ throat and revealing his shocking revival to the world.


We believe this scene speaks well enough for itself. Archived from the original on December 15, Amadeus then reveals the captured Saki and executes her on live television much to the world’s horror.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Perhaps Shoko will actually die and Haruto will be unable to save her and so Haruto will have to turn to L? Meanwhile, A-drei delivers the results of his reconnaissance to Cain and is issued to lead the next attack on Module 77 in order to retrieve L-elf. As Figaro attempts to leave, Haruto then appears and reveals his true intentions to the disbelieving student body.

However as Haruto and L-elf recognize their feelings of powerlessness, the former uses Unit 01 to repel the Dorssians while resolving to end the war before the Valvrave takes his own life. More people need to watch this series, especially Code Geass fans. A few episodes ago I would’ve just written it off as “this show’s silly so whatever”, but it’s obviously taken a more serious turn over the past several episodes so that doesn’t cut it anymore.

What happens when supplies run out? Especially when some like Thunder are injured?

Lieselloite tried to unite them by creating a path but it took time for L-elf to realize it.