All my marking tips. This is Angela and Jensyn’s episode on mood rings! In South Africa, Jacob Zuma’s youngest daughter gets a top government job with a degree in Anthropology. Clean Episode 73 – Synthetic Diamonds. Episode 58 – Bethany and Caitlyn are the guest podcasters on the topic of lake overturns aka limnic eruptions. You see how they rebuke you for that interview,if you were in Zimbabwe I guarantee that you would have disappeared without trace by now. Clean Episode 58 – Lake Overturns.

It’s for the World-Wide-Web! Ebola kills it’s first victim in Nigeria. The students get into the current solutions and the interesting future of the roads we depend on. Clean up with this valuable knowledge about dry cleaning! Mukuruvambwa – 17 June You won’t believe 8!

Keeping It Real With Adeola – Episode 131 (Ebola Makes It To Nigeria)

There has never been any democracy in the motherland. Listen to hear some earth-shattering facts about glass! Tony and Yongfeng are the student podcasters. He will attend anything called a meeting of this and that so keep asking him WHY an old donkey at 94 would like to stand as a presidential candidate in Clean Episode – Rainbows. Clean Episode 76 – Snoring. Clean Episode 59 – Energy Drinks. Star student podcasters Kianna and Bona discuss water pollution.

Clean Episode – Earthquakes.

All This Science

Star student podcaster Lucas say “This podcast talks about how Tsunamis are formed, detected and how they affect places around the globe. Reduce surface tension and be happy. So me asking when he will step down is not a crime.


Matt and Jack are the student podcasters. In this podcast episode we discuss several pros and cons to tattoos, and the science behind them. Okech – 16 June Those who transgress this civilised etiquette will be barred from contributing to our online discussions.

All This Science by Dr C on Apple Podcasts

Clean Episode 67 – Electric Cars. Clean Episode 22 – Cosmetics. Cut through the haze and learn about fog machines with Dr. Clean Episode 25 – Vaccines.

Clean Episode 45 – The Ozone Layer. MRI and CT scans are wtih used for medical imaging. Clean Episode – Supercooling. This episode is a breath of fresh air! Rajeshwari is the student podcaster. Explaining time zones in a short amount of time.

Today student podcaster Nico will talk about the electric vehicle.

Thank you my sister for exposing the idiot. Adeola its a shame that you seem to be confused and doesnot understand democracy yourself cause the tenets of democracy hinges on people being given the opportunity to elect an individual the want.

Clean Episode 41 – Roller Coasters. Clean Episode 29 – Smoking Effects on Lungs. Me saying he is old is something that struck me when I saw him physically. The student podcasters are Anna, Fanny, Laura and Federico.


Fireworks are explained without the help of Katy Perry.

Jamie and Morgan are the student podcasters. Clean Episode 92 – Advanced Assessment Algorithms. Clean Episode – Climate Change.

Garikayi – 17 June Have you ever wondered how food allergies affect our bodies? Clean Episode 50 – Quantum Quackery. Stay tuned for this five minute episode on the chemistry of what you are drinking, and what it does to your body. Articles and commentaries that identify episodde.

‪Keeping It Real With Adeola – Episode 27‬ – Sahara Reporters

The Everything Show – lasers, space exploration, mapping the human genome, classic cars, gardening and so much more. Clean Episode 77 – Lucid Dreaming. Clean Episode – Hand Sanitizer. Learn about the origins and other fun facts in this episode by students Luke and Tasnim! Clean Episode adeoal – Twenty Don’ts. What then should happen when he goes?