Feeding America Learn how you can help feed a family struggling with hunger during the holidays. Elder Abuse Ep 76 Jan 9, What Were You Thinking!? Ep 9 Sep 22, A year-old vanishes without a trace while on a court-ordered visitation at his father’s house; his parents come face to face for the first time in years on Dr. Phil McGraw in a new way. Ep 33 Oct 26,

A girl’s parents say she got pregnant intentionally in order to earn a role on one of the popular teen-pregnancy reality TV shows. Extreme Excuses Ep May 25, A single father raises three disrespectful adolescent boys after their mother ran off with her boyfriend. Ep 78 Jan 11, Phil ” on iTunes. Catch up with this family! Unbearable In-Laws 6 years ago.

Gabriel claims his mother causes too much drama and avoids her at all costs. Martinez Opens Up to Dr.

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Falsely Accused of Being a Deadbeat Mom? Ep Feb 20, Scared of My Son Khaood 23 Oct 12, Mama’s Boys 6 years ago. Donna says her hatred for her son’s wife is damaging her relationship with him; the young couple say Donna is so disruptive to their lives that they have cut all ties with her, changed their locks and sleep with a gun for protection.


New Year Mama Drama 6 years ago. Phil delve into the case.

Teenage Rage Ep 77 Jan 10, Ep 2 Sep 13, Trapped by My Cop Abuser: Add to watchlist Add cr favorites. Raylynn reveals her fear of a religious group that still has control over her, and her daughter tells of abuse she endured.

Ep 85 Jan 22, My Wife Shot Me in the Head 5 years ago. Ex-Wives Seeking Justice 5 years ago.

A year-old mother of four and her year-old fiance discuss their relationship; the teen’s father and stepmother speak. Who Is the Best Celebrity Babysitter?

Deadline Detroit – Macomb Woman of Reality-Show Fame Being Bullied By Adults

Tweet DrPhilShow with Khalood. Affair Aftermath 5 years ago.

A young woman breaks her silence about a sinister plot she says nearly claimed her life and that of her unborn baby; a woman is obsessed with becoming a mother and has resorted to drastic measures to get pregnant — without her husband’s consent.

Twisted Grief 6 years ago. Ep 15 Oct 2, Phil’s earlier interview with the friends of the man accused of killing him. A Violent Love Intervention 5 years ago. Ep Apr 17, A bipolar woman says her family is insensitive and mean toward her about her illness; a woman tells of her multiple personalities.


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Love Scams Ep 88 Jan 25, Distorted Beauty Ep 87 Jan 24, The Most Enabling Mother in America? Can Bodhi Be Helped? Ep 47 Nov 15, A man is spotted alive and well a week after his son told authorities that he had disappeared into the choppy waters of Jones Beach.

A woman says her husband kept her trapped like a prisoner for nearly four years, physically and emotionally abused her and forced her to live in inhumane conditions; her mother says she knew her daughter was being abused but felt powerless to help.

The New Face of Addiction 6 years ago. Phil investigates how her parents, who say they feel helpless, may be enabling her behavior episods jeopardizing her recovery.