It is not just you sunmi. Bitter Blood Japanese Drama. I cant wait to next week when the next episode is coming! Jia Min April 27, at 3: From Me to You Japanese Movie. I want one too He knows if his woman gets miffed and returns home the repercussions are too severe!! The most fantastic episode!!!

I know this is not going to happen, but a girl can dream. And because it has 52 episodes you really get to know the characters and you will love some of them and dislike some of them. They track her down, and Jae-ha goes in for the big seduction…. Thumping Spike Korean Drama. Absolute Boyfriend Taiwanese Drama. All My Love Korean Drama. OK I did not understand much of what was said in the second ep. Moriyamachu Driving School Japanese Movie.

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episove Loved kick ass Instructor Kim. As for the swooning we still have 8 episodes to go and am pretty sure our Jae-ha will be in BAMF-mode since he’ll be dealing a lot more with BG!! Surplus Princess Korean Drama. Drama Special Season 1: Ghost Ship Thai Movie.


CH has so much unnecessary angst and misplaced “chivalry,” whereas Jae ha’s just like Create a free website or blog at WordPress. I just love these songs they are so good. Hospital Ship Korean Drama. Jane April 29, at 5: Luv him heaarts that pic!!

Sassy Go Go Korean Drama. Apr 2, at 7: Good thing the proposal scene was next so I got back to being a girl hoping to meet the sweet JH in my life Hey, enemy of my enemy can be an ally when it counts. Then they turn to face the cameras. And i kimchkdrama totally see why the writers created such a crazy villain, coz you really have to be crazy to pull all the stunts he has. Top Actors Add New Person.

I do not get the title of this one at all, so if someone can explane it for me please do so! Forget Me Not Japanese Movie. Now, combine his eyes with his smile and his dimple.

Kuzu no Honkai Japanese Drama. I hope the buzz will make more people curious about TK2H and check it out themselves. Hang Ah is so badass.

Amour et Patisserie Taiwanese Drama.


I don’t know how much more swooning my body can take. Not to forget Ha Ji Won. My Little Lover Japanese Drama.

Playful Kiss Korean Drama. Plan B Korean Drama. Antique Bakery Korean Movie.

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She Was Pretty Korean Drama. Incomplete Life Korean Drama. Agree with what you say. I really hope they give us a kiss scene. Girl in the Sunny Place Japanese Movie. Are you advertising to the entire world what a laughable ass you are?

Good Doctor Korean Drama. Refresh Man Taiwanese Drama. Love Rain Korean Drama. Cyborg She Japanese Movie.

Master of Study Korean Drama. Blade Man Korean Drama. Only that would save me from transforming into a puddle of goo He is in the military but he does not like that at all… I must say he is a bit of a chicken, who flees rather then fights.