The group gets along well until night time, when a series of deadly traps pick them off one by one. Even with its limited budget, the practical effects in this film are top-notch. Genres horror mystery thriller. Todd Beadle as Dr. By the time the ending credits roll, you won’t really know for certain what happened in the house. A group of young people answer an ad to live together and have their interactions recorded for a film project in this low-budget lates horror.

Audible Download Audio Books. She was brought savagely slashed and battered,uttering one word ‘Kolobos’. Kolobos is full of both. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is largely down to personal taste. And while the music enhances the atmosphere terrifically, the images on screen aren’t half bad either. Was this review helpful to you? It’s rare for direct-to-video slasher films to skimp on the flesh, but Kolobos skips it entirely.

Kolobos – USA, 1999

TransmorphersTom Donny Terranova: We meet the main cast — Kyra Amy Weber: The most ’90s-horror movie ever. Daniel LiatowitschDavid Todd Ocvirk. Sometimes nightmares do come true. Faceless Kim Simms Thomas Sounds like every other program on nowadays, when reality TV reigns supreme, but back in when the film was released, it was actually a pretty new concept.


They also all possess their own motives for wanting to 199 on the show. Prev post Next post. It was fresh, it was original, and most importantly it was scary. The audio track is a not very dynamic 5. Nichole Pelerine as Erica.

It works as a springboard, introducing them quickly and in an orderly fashion, but that’s pretty much all there is. This lasts until the terrifying conclusion where the entire film is turned on its head, and you are left with a sinking feeling in your stomach that you would do anything to get rid jolobos.

A young artist Kyra lays semi-conscious in a hospital bed. Lots of darkness, lethal traps, and some gross razor cuts. Critical reception for Kolobos was mixed to negative, with the Fresno Bee panning the film overall. Down-on-her-luck artist Kyra Mitchell has just landed a dream job – a 3-month gig as a lab rat in an anthropology-related koloos film.

Continuum International Publishing Group. One by one,they encounter a vicious killer with a mutilated face.

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And that poster isn’t helping any either. Sleeping was not my forte last night.


Once they are in the house they begin to trigger a series of deadly booby traps and it becomes clear that they are locked in and at the mercy of a mysterious killer. It’s movif fun and weird little indie horror movie with a stupid name.

It immediately immerses you in uncomfortability and disorientation. All good but I remember this being better. Add the first question. This novie needs expansion. Byers as Ivan Batee Blaine Bolton Give it a chance.


John Fairlie as Gary. Ilia Volokh as Faceless. You can help by adding to it. A list that is trying to contain every horror film made that is not lost and is found on the…. Sister Street Fighter Retrieved from ” https: If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand it anyways. We’re only on number three?