Thousands of years ago, the people from Siberia migrated through what is now the Bering Strait, came to North America and came to be called Indians. To be fair, it did start rather well at least, if one sets aside the rather laboured, scene-setting prologue. Don’t just have people suddenly walk through walls a third of the way through, or your readers brain may well just go “ya wot mate? And his cranking of the race-against-time plot is so relentless that it offers little time to reflect on the daftness of the whole thing. This does make the book rather plodding in parts but it’s a mesmerizing plod, a plod which one rather enjoys and it unfolds with stately grace seldom encountered in a thriller. A solidly researched and bone-chilling adventure in a savage setting, with a superb hero. It has a very gripping story line, and the escape back of the main character is absolutely fascinating, I could not put the book down. Lionel Davidson is an award-winning author critically acclaimed on a par with le Carre, Forsyth and Follett.

But, for me, there was just a little too much detail — by the end of the book I felt almost qualified to build an Arctic bobik vehicle myself. Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles. There was also a great deal about the science research station that I wanted to know but this is left completely and quite intentionally secondary to the unerring focus on Porter. It starts well enough. The novel describes an improbable romp through north-east Siberia, by way of rarefied Oxford University, remote British Columbia, and Tokyo. Quotes from Der Rabe:

Lionel Davidson is an award-winning author critically acclaimed on a par with le Carre, Forsyth and Follett.

I think they definitely work better in order. Finally at long last a thriller which reflects the presumably rather mundane life of secret agents as they travel to all manner of far away locations with a meticulous logging of all the steps this takes.

The rest is about getting him to the base, and boy do we If you watch a Bond film thinking: Trivia About Kolymsky Heights.

Kolymsky Heights

After some trouble, the CIA persuades him to take up the mission. It never once felt like Johnny was in any danger, despite his tight time line there was not any question that he’d be successful. Apr 16, Neil rated it it was amazing Shelves: The outcome is highly original and worth the admission money alone.


Life is too short for I was given a pile of books by my boyfriend’s mother to read and this was one of them. My problem was that the overwhelming difficulties of reaching this research station left me thinking that any sane person would have given it up near the start.

Kolymsky Heights by Lionel Davidson

The author really puts you there. Notify me of new comments via email. Good old thriller, not scary, not haunting and not very psychologic either, but packed with actions. Nov 08, Mr. Lists with This Book.

There is kplymsky a quasi-science fantasy element that won’t fool anyone with any understanding of modern science, even those inclined to think that the Russians always have something up their sleeves.

One of the greatest characters of the novel is without doubt Siberia itself — its relentless cold, its rich cultural heritage, its harsh history, its cruelty and its frozen beauty are all made real on the page in what is an astonishing achievement by Davidson.

The sentimentality keeps the reader from forgetting that actually he prefers life as a dog, all things considered. Kolymsky Heights is vivid and original. Don’t just have people suddenly walk through walls a third of the way through, or your readers brain may well just ehights “ya wot mate?

I felt like I’d wasted my time and quite disappointed. Utter nonsense, incredibly unlikely, dead-pan to the point of characterlessness, overlong, no valid motivations to speak of, writing that regularly repeats itself to no effect Sumamry plot is pretty interesting, but it sure takes a long time to get to the point. It takes considerable effort to entice the spy, who is actually hsights strange multi-ethnic aboriginal Canadian, to participate you’ll appreciate ‘why’ after reading later what he goes through.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I started reading it because of a lack of anything else at the time. As someone who has enjoyed reading classic adventure thrillers from the inter war period of the 20s and 30s it reminded me very much of that excellent but long forgotten genre. Really kolymwky extraordinary… And a very fast and exciting read.

A book for the beach: Kolymsky Heights by Lionel Davidson

Pullman rightly points out that Davidson manages the trope of mechanical detail brilliantly by embedding these moments deep into the plot rather than pausing the action to give us the excruciatingly dull particulars of some polt of military hardware. Thousands of years ago, the people from Siberia migrated through what is no I have never reached the last page of a book, then started reading it from page one without missing a beat.


So if this book had been “oh I’m kinda sci-fi-y” from the start, then I’d have been a bit more accepting of the talking apes. The conclusion was a little out there, but all’s well that ends well, I reckon.

I want to go there. The young man, known as Heighst Porter, is certainly out of the ordinary, though as the novel progresses he evolves into something virtually superhuman. Mostly though it’s a very pleasant zen of travel.

So when the “hero” travelled all that way to discover a secret cure for blindness. Kolymsky Heights is a thoroughly immersive thriller, rich in Siberian history and culture and it is freezing cold to the core. It was kolymsly that stage that I gave up.

I think that what books like I Am Pilgrim fails to do, this book accomplishes and ticks every llot. A series of coded messages are sent to Professor Lazenby, an ageing Oxford academic specialising in some of the more esoteric aspects of biology.

Kolymsky Heights is an adventure, with spy —espionage wrapped up in a thriller out in the frozen tundra of Siberia. What Davidson does well is the patient build-up. Along the way, he assumes various disguises a Korean, an Evenk, a Chukchigets involved in Siberian tribal life, builds a Russian jeep and even falls in love, with the action culminating in a nerve-wracking flight across eastern Siberia that climaxes in a bullet-splattered dash over the frozen Bering Strait–and then there’s a drop-dead romantic ending.

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Good, a bit naive, but very intelligent read within the genre. It requests that a mutual aquaintance of the sender and the academic should come to the base. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This one sounded pretty interesting with the promise of spies and secret Russian science.