Bashing it for its linearity got old apparently, so now they’re trying something else. I hardly did any side quests and level boosting and I beat the game without too much hassle. I get if you don’t like the game, but don’t bash it and its developers for your own failings. When a game makes you this frustrated it’s time to get outside a little. What kind of upgrade materials should I buy, and how do you best use and combine these items for maximum benefits? My final party ended up being Fang, Lightning, and Vanille. If you skip out on that, then expect difficulty.

If you think it’s cheap up to chapter 12, wait until you play missions and fight Lon Gui Start with 3 Sabs for debuffs, then switch to 3 ravs to get a quick stagger, then switch to 3 com or 2 com and 1 rav. I didn’t like the first 40 hours, but the last 10 were great. I think this game is definitely worth calling itself Final Fantasy but as many others I really missed exploration and towns If you skip out on that, then expect difficulty. Anyways, despite all of my ill-thoughts of the game, NONE of the boss fights were difficult to me. You just got to have your strategy down right. Shouldent be a tech demo this time.

Maybe quitting the game for a while would help, but I think everybody now just wants to bash this game.

Sigh, since everyone seems to be having quite a stew over my original post, I would like to modify it to be relate my problems with the title: Youll be amazed at the difference. So it’s my fault that I was ill informed apparently Don’t lump up people who didn’t like the game into some sort of group that you can wag your proverbial finger at.

Shad0ki11 Follow Forum Posts: Some of us have justified complaints about the game.

Sphire Follow Forum Posts: Lastly, the story in FF kumkjmapoovu is not hard at all. The adamanchelid are easy as cake with little effort.

Switch to 3 heals as needed. Essian Apparently there are mounts you can procure and ride Although for the situation you’re facing you should battle a lot more to power up your party.


What are you looking for TC? Essian at first I used Lightning as team leader, plus Snow and Vanille. Since Vanille doesn’t possess the Commando paradigm, she couldn’t get off the ground, meaning she would lahest in hits, and would have to heal both herself and other party members.

Quitting FFXIII in Chapter 12

They drop you on your face in this big open world with enemies who are about 10x stronger than you are atm, and they say “okay, now go do sidequests” The Adamanchelid was able to hit everyone on the ground for 1k or so damage in relatively short intervals, not to mention he would use Quake every three or four stomps dealing 2k or so damage to everyone, ground or air.

You just search and find for yourself what’s out there. Tedsteriscool Follow Larest Posts: Bashing it for its linearity got old apparently, so now they’re trying something else. Should Fpisode upgrade my current weapons or wait for stronger ones and upgrade them? However, bashing it because of its difficulty only because the person didn’t do any kind of leveling up, a mainstay in all RPG’s, is not one of those, and I will lump those together and wag my proverbial finger at them, thanks.

Beat the hell out of it while stagged and debuffed.

If you skip out on that, then expect difficulty. Great story, but some horrible gameplay decisions.

Just make sure all your characters have their crystarium maxed out on the 8th tier and start leveling their crystarium in the 9th tier.

Disappointing game imo i hope they do better with FF versus: It’s a shame that the game has to kunkumapoovu so linear at the start and characters are so And I didn’t use any Synergist either though I will admit it might have been a long battle since I couldn’t be bothered changing personnel and subsequently re-doing paradigms.

In fact, there wasn’t anything in the game that made me angry in terms of gameplay.

Kumkumapoovu July 11 – video dailymotion

The open world aspect isn’t difficult: Taken out of context, I was saying it more for a sarcastic effect, not because I think you’re an idiot for having different views than me. If you don’t take advantage of it, I’d imagine you would have difficultly with the bosses. There only 13 chapter so you might as well try and get your money’s worth out of the game.


It’s easy to take kumkimapoovu Zelda-fan approach “it’s not like OoT so that means it sucks” to it, but I’d rather enjoy it for what it is. We haven’t had to do that since This topic is latets from further discussion. BenderUnit22 Follow Forum Posts: If you didn’t take advantage of that, then I wouldn’t be surprised if you had trouble with some of the battles leading up to chapter And from the sound of your posts, complaining about respawns, whining about being able to retreat from fights in FFX, getting smoked by the Proudclad lol and even stating that you’re underpowered gives the obvious conclusion that you need to fight more and get stronger.

I even had a hard time with the same boss your on. The real strategy behind FF13 is blitz tactics. If you did explore, you would have noticed that completing hunts unlocks Cie’th stones for teleportation purposes, and when coupled with Chocobos, traversing Dpisode Pulse becomes a piece of cake.

If you do decide to give it another go, read up on some ways to beat him episofe watch a few videoes on youtube. There are plenty FAQs on the internet you can read up on and plenty of videos on Youtube to figure out how to kumkkmapoovu the marks. Your literally a few hours away from the last ,umkumapoovu, but don’t expect him to be any easier and just as frustrating.