Attack more up close and afar with a little more adequate damage than High Master as Battle Master. I don’t remember if they still exist but you did used to be able to trade in pvp points for instant xp potions similar to dew drops of infinity , once for lols I started a char and only leveled them with pvp potions xD didn’t make it very far before I deleted the char for something else either soul breaker or card master. Great job doing that, but I would like to see some pvp changes. Granted, we lost lots of our west coast playerbase too. Card Masters are a class of magicians who utilize magical cards’ power to attack enemies in a brilliant fashion. Degos would eventually come out too, and those parties were tons of fun. In terms of questing after just making a new char you mainly will see Ases in Belos as your first option and you start with him. Subclasses was probably the most brutal:

You need to sign in or create an account to do that. S1 is where the majority of my play time resided so I’ll comment on that April somewhere in From there finish quests in every area they send you to and should be gaining levels not fast but sustainably quicker than normal since Season 1 – 2. A guide to explain the new the Season 3, hopefully in depth to you guys liking. Share directly to my status. The only class that was somewhat broken in season 1 for pvp was gunslinger.

These quests were gotten from chwnge, which you needed 5 of, and each one was a questline containing 10 quests. These quests were super hard though also the first-ish Freios content iirc so like Eventually, we would get the Hell Update, which would release new grinding areas, and SS5 5th tier skills.

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Attack from a distance with High Master’s skills and support your party with attack buffs. Botanical Garden has latsle most preferred. August General Discussion.


You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Not necessarily bad things.

It made grinding a troublesome thing so more people turned to pvp from Degos would eventually come out too, and those parties were tons of fun. The appeal of Latale back then, is actually not to far off from how it is now, except now, certain things simply take longer.

This item has been added to your Favorites. I think i grinded hours to get through there yes wizards could use daggers at one point, as well as knuckles. But yeah, the game has progressed from a casual social grinder with some pvp and rare drop hunting thrown in, to a hardcore grinder with a sprinkle of socializing thrown in.

Everyone knew chanbe which was what I liked. Sometimes, they can even use their enemies’ own strength against them As a veteran player, it’s too bad that so many areas are skipped, that the early games have 0 relevance, and that leveling is meaningless until claxs xD Overall the experience is the same once you get to now. Taken from the update notes.

Hp back then meant you could still die to mobs much lower level than you if they were big enough. They are in order of where to go after you reach a particular level. For now I’m just going through the basic stuff when I get the time to post my first copy.

This was also thankfully, in this case dumbed down in S2 and removed in S3. If you want comment down below on what you think I should add to this guide. Newer players don’t know what they missed, so it’s all good all around. Saitana i have a few questions about card masters, mostly about his soul stealing, i know there are some??


Inwe’d get the server relocation, and with it, a short burst in the amount of claas playing.

My personal experience was Njord would come out a few months after this, soooooo people would do runs, and eventually figure out it was easier to solo than it was xeason party for the dungeon. Solo grinding meant only mobbing up seasin monsters at a time.

This was honestly my favorite part of the game and I was really sad when they first got dumbed down in S2 and removed altogether in S3: Instead of materials such as copper, pink tourmaline, druzziquartz, etc, we have shards available in tiers.

Sign In Create an Account Cancel. Most of the best gear and weapons you could get was via “soul urns” or straight drops from mobs.

Latale 10 years later, then and now

In septemberwe’d receive sub jobs, presenting a new fun and entertaining way to enjoy Latale, as they used a “Mystery” skill or “ultimate” skill formula rather than the standard “5th tier” skill. And if you are wondering I will also be adding the rates at which the soul steal is effective. Even with the lowest level weapons. Questing Before you start hating on me for saying this quests in LaTale have been significantly improved from Season 2 due to the level cap increase and exp table re-work.

With my main, lv Dragoon, i could still get very unlucky and die from being stunlocked by a bunch of lv kobolds, as i had 9k hp and one shot from them hit for 1k, Even with the high miss rates.