I’m still not sure sometimes where I stand on Ducatis. Can’t afford to spend much more so my options are pretty limited. Serial numbers were not assigned in the same order as frame or engine numbers. Pirelli Dragon tyres; lightweight, race-spec Marchesini wheels; huge, floating Brenibo discs and four-pot calipers; White Power inverted forks and rear shock; Nico Bakker-designed frame; fuel-injection and braided steel hosing all over the place. En una calurosa tarde de verano, nos animamos a quitarle los escpes a una Ducati, en pleno centro de But it’s that combined with good stability, a reasonable rear-end and a graunchy, utterly distinct engine that makes the Laverda a much meatier, richer feast than most other single-minded sportsters. Its fuel-injected mill powers out with a hungry, eager thunder no other parallel-twin gets close to. Well, still have not heard back from the owner

Got a reply for the TRX. There were in fact many more of these machines produced than , as shown by the bike details recorded below. The new Laverda Sport has a lot of ghosts to lay to rest and lot of credibility to re-establish. What separates them is a number of things. Everyone who rode it agreed. Only with time and cruel experience were its jewel-like qualities tarnished. Banish also the notion that it’s an underpowered, emasculated pretender. Gas it on an uneven road and the bars are inclined to flap and wiggle; absolutely nail it through an esses and the frame flexes a touch.

Laverda S launched, follows earlier Sport and Formula, initially half-faired. The original engine was replaced with a spec motor, with type bottom end.

Thinking of buying a 95 Laverda Sport Kevlar

Number plate is Though of decidedly mixed parentage a bit kevlr having an year-old dad and a year-old bimbette as your mumthe Laverda’s engine is different, invigorating and fast.

It’s the opposite of a Jap four. An old-fashioned, air-cooled, parallel-twin the Lav may be, but it’s one that’s massively impressive: Where the Duke has cost-cutting non-adjustable forks and an old-fashioned cantilever rear-end, the Lav has no-expense spared components.


If you do, they will be moved or deleted as they are found. Rear Suspension WP Rising rate adjustable preload, rebound and damping.

Kevlar Serie has fallen off. On that basis alone, Laverda’s revival is an achievement of near Triumph proportions. Though the Ducati SS is genuinely its closest competitor in terms of being an air-cooled Italian sports twin with comparable price and performance, they hit different nerves and have totally diverse pedigrees.

The Laverda twin is based on the power-plant of the old, air-cooled Montjuic, but taken out to laverds and given new four-valve heads, Weber-Marelli fuel injection and a brace of oil coolers inside each side of the fairing.

This is an unfortunate consequence of a few members’ abuse of the forum. The ultimate touring bike… a Ural Cross ? Because the desmo V is so usefully tractable, going fast means ‘brisk and relaxing’ rather than ‘manic and frenetic’. Seems like a neat bike and would be fun, while i am away from my Aprilia’s for the next few years. Laverdas have always been renowned for their precise Italian handling and this latest generation more than lives up to the reputation.

On the Laverda you want to harry and chase and keep on accelerating and accelerating and then disappear.

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Does anyone have any experience with one? But these days you’re pushed to spot them. Now water-cooled and grown tocc, but the basic layout and engine cover shape mirror the Laverda S’s famous predecessor. The front forks, for example, are non-adjustable where those fitted to the get lots of knobs and screws to play with.

Max Power Rear Tyre. As a fun bike, as a different bike and as a performance bike, the Laverda massively impressed. And the SS, of course, has got even more of it.


That apart, the Ducati is the more laid-back bike, more of an all-rounder, more mature. Sauce and style oozing from every pore. Red, imported to Germany spring, Find a Laverda for sale.

The firm that built keclar wild and wonderful Jota was booming in the 70s but has struggled ever The huge brakes – which are often unnecessary when you’re in a lazy roll-it-around mood such is the engine braking of the engine — are tight and powerfully crisp and the drilled discs give an intoxicating fizz.

Cagiva has its Canyon and is putting the finishing touches to its own Ferrari-powered Serei contender. No mean achievement considering the years of scepticism and doubt that had adhered itself to the marque. And its brakes, suspension and chassis are all first class. All of which gives the SS a sense of modern-day classic that very little else approaches. All times are GMT Today’s bike of kevvlar day is this Laverda Diamante On paper there’s nothing closer.

1995 Laverda 650 Sport Kevlar Series new condition! Super Sports Bike

A decent grabrail, fairing and reasonable mirrors add to the relaxed riding position and respectably padded but slippery seat to give a bike you’d realistically contemplate high mileages, pillions and luggage with. But too limited development time, a plethora of subtly different models see below and traditional Italian build inconsistency means the Lav reminds very much of Bimota, for bgetter and worse….

Laverda claims 7 bhp for its revvy twin, the SS can only offer