Upon collection of the final white Mini-Kit and Red Brick you’ll unlock the following achievements. Go behind the tree hut, just before the bridge 3: After destroying the Force field, create th grapple point and grapple to the ledge Chapter 4: The same as battling Dooku, you need to switch to your buddy when Sidious attacks you with lightning. Grapple up to reach the canister. These last two you need to use Sith Force or a TD on. Ride the air up to the ledge and high jump. Then head down the elevator.

I love to hear from you guys, so please comment and e-mail me whenever you like! Sith Force the eight red lights flanking the Emperor’s throne. Its spot is above the door leading to the separate area, and it’s flanked by four lights that you need to turn on. How to save a game so all profiles can load it? I have brought Count Dooku down to 4 hearts but cannot figure out how to harm him after that. In the large open room where you have to build a ramp with three pieces, there are two black torches on the back wall. After creating the disco ball, grapple to the ledge and it will be next to a Build-It 8: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

In the room with Han in carbonite, use the white circle to open the door to this one. In the large open room where you have to build a ramp with three pieces, there are two black torches on the back wall.

David Krider 4 The fifth, one red-lit ramp to raise a ramp, then three more to lower the cage.

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In the minikit guide videos, the player always has an It’ll only show you an arrow in the place that the Mini-Kit will appear. Cash In 33 All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Return of the Jedi 28 This will create bricks in front of the light second from the right.


You need to destroy 4 shield generators in order to finish the level. In the same corridor as Jango Fett’s room but on the left, a little further down. I suppose you mean the one behind the red force field?

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough

This time it’s a lot easier in Freeplay than in Story waars you can gain access to some really stud-rich areas. Boost past the falling platforms 7: Push the second box across the little path and forward, and assemble the pieces again for a Canister. Now, push the box all the way around and into the arrows to start up a lift. Here, destroy all of the windows on the left side, then assemble the pieces into a Canister.

Once minioit inside the room it’s much the same as mentioned above.

Thermal detonator time, blow them up and inside one will be a switch you need to hit to get the last mini kit. The Complete Saga, what are the unlockable ships used for? Use it, which will deploy some bricks near the light second from the left.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You’ll need to grapple up to one. As I said, I didn’t experience any issue with this achievement myself. Inside the Bounty Hunter access room opposite side of the Stormtrooper access room 7: Force move a platform and jump to the left.

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When playing split screen co-op, one controller has the thumbsticks configured right handed, and Where can I use them? Use the Force Luke. Then get on top of the bunker using the grappling hook and build the panel.

Use it to get on one of the masts, then jump for a power brick. Isolation Xbox Guide. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. To the right of the first green circle door is a passage to a C-3PO panel. Blast the items to blow open the door and enter a new area.


After lowering the wooden barricade 7: You also need to activate levers in order to create bridges. Sell your landspeeder to chapteer Jawas. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Lego Star Wars the Complete Miniit In this chapter of the game you have the opportunity to unlock the ‘Disco King’ achievement, before I describe how you unlock dhapter.

After doing so, go to the other side, where the path is much smaller, and push the next box. How to get unlimited purple vehicle tow bombs?

Build this, Dark Force move the object on the wall, build mijikit again, then Dark Force move the pieces again. Sith Force them, then the grating behind to uncover the canister.

Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. Hhe them all, then use the grapple point near here and head through the tunnel. Build the battery, rotate it, put it in place, then ride the elevator all the way to the top hte jump to the highest ledge on the right.

Near the end of the level, just before you enter the stationary gun area, find some bricks to build a grapple point. Destroy these, make the grapple point and grapple to the ledge 6: The Sorcerer’s Stone Year 2: Use these to destroy the bars on the door and any enemies inside before you walk through to the next room.

Force the hanging rock, then hover over to the left. You can only access this disco in Free Play mode as the room is restricted.