Jaseem psb 24 dias. But time to time, he had to clash with Kadayadi and Kunnel group over business. Coconut Boy 28 dias. Killer dialogue ennu paranjal ithaanu. Baby fights for a long time and is about to be killed by Chackochi however Gowri Parvathi stops him. Shibu Krishnan 13 dias. Binu scotland 2 meses. Dilip J Easow 3 meses.

Bala Vv 2 meses. The police presents a local criminal Keeri Vasavan as the murderer of Eppachan, who, with the lack of evidence is granted bail at court. The film’s soundtrack contains 4 songs, all composed by Ouseppachan and Lyrics by Gireesh Puthenchery. Nabeel Hassan 2 meses. Suhailmon Moncp 1 mes. Biju Narayanan , K. Ippol ith kanumbol tonnum ith ippol rerelese cheytirunnengi ente agraham ningalkundengil onnu likikke.

Jayasimhan Cochin Haneefathe police officer, who is investigating the murder of Eappachan is also a part of the Kadayadi syndicate, which makes Chackochi investigate the case himself.

Esham Ibrahim 1 mes. Maya Vinodhini5 10 dias. Binu scotland 2 meses. SomanSiddiqueN. It stars Suresh GopiM. The story revolves around the rivalry between two liquor business groups, the Aanakkattil family and Kadayadi family.

Aslam Palliparambil 30 dias. Lelam was a blockbuster at the box-office and is also among the highest grossers of the s. KK Group always lose to Eappachan but they have never stopped their evil ways to eliminate him.


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Unni MenonK. Shibu Krishnan 13 dias. Thevar, though initially differs to negotiate, later after knowing that Chackochi is the son of Eappachan, his old friend agrees to help them. Kannanck Vadavannur 1 mes. Pradeep James 9 dias. Yes iam outspoken, can any body make such punch dialogue with such power mocie with such actores like somen or any body else in coming years,the answer is no.

Mostrar controles del Reproductor. Bala Vv 2 meses. Kettille vallanddu anddy pongikidakunna pillara SRK Creations 13 dias. Ippol ith kanumbol tonnum ith ippol rerelese cheytirunnengi ente agraham ningalkundengil onnu likikke. Chackochi is now forced to take charge of the business an has to face several problems from both police and rivals. Dilip J Easow 3 meses.

Venkatesh score Ouseppachan songs. K Group Kunnel-Kadayadi Grouphis business rivals. Rakhesh Rakhesh 2 meses. Eby Vinsten 3 meses. Hussein is beaten brutally, but he never reveals the business secrets of Chackochi. He also decides to give up the liquor business by handing over the entire power to dailogue employees which shocks his enemies and friends alike. SreekumarSujatha Mohan. The film was dubbed in Tamil as Yelam.

Soman’s Best Dialogue as Eappachen From Lelam Movie | Lelam Movie Clip – Video Más Popular

Chackochi is not ready to buy this argument and smells the hands of the Kadayadi and Kunnel families in it. Within a short time Chackochi reaches Hussein to save him, but is shocked to see Sunny among his enemies. Lelathile eppachente e mass dialogue kekkumbol enik ormma varunnathu God Fatherile rante mass dialogue anu Bijo Valsaraj 1 mes.


Vishakh V 3 meses. Abhijith Anil 2 meses. Midhun Midhunmr 30 dias. Sarijith M 28 dias. D company 2 meses. Harishankar Nair 2 meses. For the village in Iran, see Lelam, Iran. But no one gives a thumbs up for Sri Jaganatha Varma.

Binoj Gangadharan 23 dias. Farsana Sobah 20 dias. Killer dialogue ennu paranjal ithaanu. As fire breaks out as the liquor explodes, Chackochi successfully manages to save Hussein and Gowriparvathi along with Ommen.

Firoz Firoz 2 meses.

Soman’s Best Dialogue as Eappachen From Lelam Movie | Lelam Movie Clip

ET Being 26 dias. Sarin Pakkan 2 meses.

Tl arun Kumar 2 meses. Biju NarayananK. Sujith Jo 3 dias. Noble Pauly 2 meses.

N G 14 dias.