Page Troubleshooting Insufficient memory to collate job [37] Try one or more of the following: Blocking junk faxes Open a Web browser, and then type the printer IP address in the address field. Remove the extra flash memory. Page Clearing jams Firmly grasp the jammed paper on each side, and then gently pull it out. Do not load postcards, photos, small items, transparencies, photo paper, or thin media such as magazine clippings into the ADF tray. Controller board electronic components are easily damaged by static electricity.

Page Understanding the printer menus Manual Paper Size Specify the size of the paper being manually loaded. Adjusting Sleep Mode Saving money and the environment Reduce printer noise. If you are loading a document into the ADF tray, then adjust the paper guides. Step 4 Contact customer The background of the image will be removed. Not all languages are available for all printers, and you may Francais need to install special hardware for those languages to appear.

The F port is for telephones.


For more information, see the label at the back of the printer. For more information, see the setup documentation that came with the printer. Copy Display Copy shortcuts Do not display Notes: If you have further questions about recycling options, visit the Lexmark Web site at www. Elxmark sound is issued until the fax Always On connection is seriws.

Page 60 Loading paper and specialty media Flex the sheets back and forth to loosen them, and then fan them. Unpack the toner cartridge, and then remove all packing materials. Advanced Imaging Copying Paper Saver This option lets you print two or more pages of an original document on the same page.


Remove using the address book 98 connecting to USB. Try either mmx410 the following: Page 73 Lexmark concerns itself with the responsible use of paper in general based on life cycle assessments of its products.

Lexmark Printer Driver v2.12 for OS X

Settings Menu Understanding the printer menus Settings menu General Settings menu Display Language Set the language of the text appearing on the printer display. Page 52 – Connecting the printer to a wireless net Check if there is packing material m4x10 on the imaging unit. Page Maintaining the printer Shake the new cartridge to redistribute the toner.

Page Faxing Setup 3: A shortcut number 1— can contain a single recipient or multiple recipients.

Page Understanding the printer menus Home screen customization Change the icons and buttons that appear on the home screen. Adjusting Sleep Mode Saving money and the environment Reduce printer noise.

Step 4 The problem is solved. Turn off the printer. Using This Product In Switzerland Using this product in Switzerland This product requires a Swiss billing tone filter Lexmark part number 80D to be installed on any line which receives metering pulses in Switzerland. drivet

Page Troubleshooting Action Step 5 The problem is solved. Repeat and Reserve jobs are held in the printer until you delete them.

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Digital telephone service through a cable provider Setup 1: Go to step 9. This assumes binding along the long edge of the page left edge for portrait and top edge for landscape.


If you want to connect a telephone and answering machine to the same wall jack, then connect the devices as shown.

Move the width and length guides in the tray to the correct positions for the size of the paper loaded. Universal is supported in duplex mode only xk the width is at least mm 8. Resolution This option lets you adjust the output quality of your e-mail. Reducing Or Enlarging Copies Copying Copying on both sides of the paper duplexing Load an original document faceup, short edge first into the ADF tray or facedown on the scanner glass. Faxing Faxing Faxing Note: MX and MX Series.

Lexmark MX Series XL Printer Driver Download

Print a test page to verify printer installation. Creating Shortcuts Faxing From the home screen, navigate to: Finally my PC got up to speed! Did the job print and collate correctly? Paper absorbs moisture due to high humidity. Print Settings Understanding the printer menus Blank Pages Specify whether blank pages are inserted in a print job. Cleaning the printer parts Cleaning the printer Note: For more information, visit http: Check your printed output stack for discarded pages. Make sure your printer is connected to a network or to a print server.