Blogs Home Page All Blogs. The story is obviously told from one point of view only, but then since the other point of view was gunned down by the first POV there isn’t much to tell. Sep 22, 5. Deciding that she has had enough, Donna flees with Denny to a nearby local shelter. Sep 22, 9. A peculiar and disturbing case catches the attention of the police when a young mother and her children, all severely injured, show up in a hospital’s emergency room. This movie, according to family members interviewed on the local news last week, has reopened their wounds and deepened their pain. Just terrible how he was portrayed.

The film received poor reviews. Full Cast and Crew. Contrary to the Hollywood Donna’s image as a selfless, loving, nurturant person, the real-life Donna kicked Vanessa, Raymond, Chris, and Kim out of the house after she’d had their father killed. But in the world of movies, female victimhood sells Scared by her husband, she turns to her sister Susie, but she is too vulnerable when he begs her to take him back. Why, are you talking to me like this? She was sentenced to 40 years in prison, but was released in after serving 18 years. As we shall see, this was not her first lie, nor her last.

Still, the lack of any reference to Donna’s check-forging scams is not the most outrageous omission of the screenplay; the movie depicts Donna as trapped in an impossible situation as captive of a brutal, homicidal husband who would not allow her to escape. Donna has apparently raked in a substantial, but undisclosed amount of cash from this film.


Edit Did You Know? The Donna Yaklich Story ” on Amazon. This movie was shameless propaganda from beginning to end. The tthe finds Donna guilty of conspiracy for first-degree murder and she receives a jail sentence of 40 years. A dark sci-fi prequelhuge performances at the Oscarsand a star-studded new season of mockumentaries are our picks of the week.

He also forces her to tell Patty that she is disgusted by her and orders her to leave the house forever. The Donna Yaklich Story a.

She contacts his friend, Jerry, to ask him to persuade Dennis to stop taking steroids, but Jerry tells Dennis of their conversation. The authorities suspect that the girl has been killed by a well-known person of the family. But the real-life Donna was and is a coldly calculating lying con-artist and murderess with clear psychopathic tendencies.

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Retrieved from ” https: A man who batters women, after nearly killing his girlfriend in a violent rage, finds himself facing his own demons when he is forced to join an innovative group therapy program for abusive men. Yes, my password is: The film is largely based on interviews with Donna Yaklich.

In real life, at the time of the murder, Donna was on the verge of “escaping” whether she liked it or not. I just saw that ID documentary. There was never the slightest cloud of suspicion upon Dennis as a result of this tragedy.

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Close Menu Forums Recent Posts. Views Read Edit View history. Reviewer for Variety laid out his problems with the film: Use the HTML below.


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By continuing to use this lifetims, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Small Sacrifices TV Movie After this warning, Donna forged yet another check.

Lifetime LIED in a based on a TRUE STORY MOVIE. Remember that DONNA YAKLICH story???

I recognized the name and I was like WTF. A caring community and variety of people nation-wide come together to rescue a baby who is trapped in an abandoned water well, but they have a short time before something bad might happen.

The romance is short-lived, though. She immediately falls in love with him, and quickly meets his teenage stepdaughter Patty.

Sympathizing for the girl, Donna agrees not to return to California. At her movie trial, unselfish to a fault, she is shown as thinking only of her son Denny and of his uncertain future should she be convicted and imprisoned. In fact, she never showed any sign of abuse according to numerous witnesses who attended her classes.

The movie gave no hint of Donna’s extramarital affairs, perhaps because doing so would conflict with the image of the helpless, saintly woman held prisoner in her own home, and would lifetjme her seem less virtuous. I can’t believe she can say it!