I actually know a guy in band who cited Treasure Planet as his favorite Disney movie. Lilo chooses Stitch as a pet, and when he realizes that Jumba and Pleaky are outside and waiting to shoot him down, so he uses Lilo as a shield, so they cannot do anything to him. What does he have to do with anything? You are commenting using your Twitter account. I will say that Councilwoman is boss, and Cobra is deliciously careless and heartless. Nani is a really good character, and it is sad that she gets little to no credit. Elvis is actually in 3 Hawaii movies.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The characters are very well developed, and this is another example of how simplicity is sometimes better. After she leaves, Lilo tells him that she likes his hair and butt. For some reason, an Elvis song plays as Lilo is trying to train Stitch, but it fails, as he is miserable and destructive, with Jumba and Pleaky ready and waiting to capture him at any moment. Animated films and transition to television — animatedkid. Email required Address never made public. The Two Towers was released.

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I agree that it was a good idea to make this a small budget movie, as it forces them to come up with a good story and not have so much meddling from executives. It was nominated for a few accolades, like Best Animated Feature, and won a few awards. I will say that Councilwoman is boss, and Cobra is deliciously careless and heartless. Perhaps because of the stupid Elvis movie when he is on Hawaii?

This is a pretty sad scene, and you really feel for Stitch. It makes the film stand out.

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Fulll makes her upset because the Social Worker is on his way to her house, so she rushes back home to find Lilo listening to Elvis, and locking the door with nails. The most famous is Blue Hawaii.


Email required Address never made public. It is funny that they did not have high hopes for this film, but this is the one that is the most remembered and liked in this era. Production started in the mid 90s, and they wanted to make a film that was cheaper to make after the big budget films of the mid 90s, as they were inspired with how they did the same with Dumbo all those decades ago.

Animated films and transition to television — animatedkid.

This site uses cookies. If only Disney continued to make their films of a smaller budget and with less executive meddling.

David goes to their house the next morning to tell Nani about fulll job opportunity at a grocery store. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Most Disney is about adolescents. Ethnicity in Disney animatedkid. You should watch it soon.

When the film was released on June 21st,it opened at 2 behind Minority Reportand dropped to number 3 the next week. Elvis is actually in 3 Hawaii movies. To wrap this climax up, Stitch saves Lilo. So Nani goes to find a job the next day, and Anr trains Stitch after the social worker tells them that Stitch needs to be trained.

So her sister Nani Tia Carerre is called, and she tells Lilo to wait for her at the dance studio, but for some reason, Lilo chooses not to do that. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I will get to the sequels next year.


So Stitch and Jumba end up in the house, and they have an epic fight that ruins the home. This causes Lilo and Stitch to bond, and while they are training, they ruin every opportunity Nani gets art finding a job, and things take a turn for the worst, when he ruins her chance of getting a job at the beach.

Councilwoman calls and tells Pleaky and Jumba that they are fired, which causes him to lose it viloz run like the crazy man he is, and shoots all over the place to kill Stitch. Bubbles tells her that the meeting did not go well, and she has 3 days to turn things around.

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Lilo goes to her room, and some time passes before Nani goes to her room. You might like it. So Gantu shows up to Earth after Councilwoman sends him and he soon captures Stitch and Lilo who escaped the car as Nani and Bubbles were arguingand mocie off. It is very creative, and they pulled off the half sci-fi, half family storylines and combined them together.

Nani is a really good character, and it is sad that she gets little to no credit. Nani loses it on Stitch, Jumba, and Pleaky, which causes them all to go on a ship, and chase after Gantu.