I love how Tamsin obviously deeply loves and admires Bo. I suppose he commandeered an unmarked squad car. They went there with Ares. She lies to Lauren, she held out on telling even Kenzi about the kiss with Tamsin for a long time. Seems Jeffrey wants a sacrifice. Hale comes in with a Krampus sack, wearing horns. I love how it went from distain to grudging respect to now mutual friendship. Reply Parent Thread Link.

Why did Bo wash her car with the roof down? This was on your bed Bo opens the box and sees a glass container of something dark. There are some similarities, but I think a few things set it apart from this. October 30, at Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window. He says they should go back to where they first met up with him to find him.

The show assuaged my fears slightly when Bo figured it out only the second time around, and then straight-up calls it Groundhog Day.

At least Lauren at the decency to call Dyson to inquire of the contents of the box first instead of thinking about hiding it herself, which I guess can be chalked up to both of them caring about Bo that they had to have such a debate in the first place, but it’s still a shit move to do and Fxe get the feeling that it wasn’t even about ful box but about their feelings for Bo and the situation she’s in, that they’re loet in, but nonetheless it didn’t lessen the fact that more people were hiding things from Bo again after she has been dicked around so much most of her life from many things.

Vex — poor, poor schizophrenic Vex this season — mediates the box battle and tells them the answer is they secretly like each other not in that way and to shut up already and acknowledge their mutual respect. But mostly, it tells us Bo is full-out throwing herself at Faae and Dyson, and lets the audience enjoy the show. She only wants to know where Hale is. Downton Abbey season 4: Choices for March Previous “The Fosters” recap 1.


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I called it, Wolfie In the gas station, a creepy fellow and his short assistant dump a dude who made the mistake of eating a piece of their candy into an episkde that somehow opens under the hood of a car. That is the entire point of this episode, and that may be more important right at this moment than the location of a pair of shoes or when the world will end.

I mean yes, Bo can be unpredictable and rash in her decisions at times which might get her fse trouble, but this is something that was been plaguing her since she cannot remember what happened when she was taken.

I also thought it was too dark a concept for fukl go down that road.

Am I trying to make too much sense of this? But then, Tamsin proves here she is really good at holding her alcohol, so she can probably hold her own whatever comes.

I think they changed from the blue car to the yellow car because a cash gkrl succubus would never own such a cherry car like the blue one. Season 05, Episode… Shaun H. December 31, at I think Tamsin is talking about more than just attraction cae romantic love.

Three people who you wouldn’t think would want to giro hanging out in the same room together, it also confirmed that there’s no hostility between Lauren and Dyson anymore, which is good. On the other hand, what pissed me off about that though was how Lauren and Dyson were arguing about giving a box addressed to Bo which she had addressed to herself during the time she cannot remember.

Groundhog Fae

Two things that irk me still are why does Bo as a succubus need to be in a relationship? They agree and Lauren sews back on his hand as a fyll you. Drinking to decide Lauren should get to decide because she loves Bo. I think her success will be a combination of several things including her good heart and especially her constructed family.


What kind of sex r u having that u need a fireproof condom? I really enjoy that my blog manages to garner replies from people who see things differently than I, or point out things I miss [particularly 3.

So say we all!

Lost Girl S04 – Ep08 Groundhog Fae HD Watch

I suppose he commandeered an unmarked squad car. I may want a return to more serialized fae-crime-fighting of S1 and 2, with some of the fae becoming pieces of the overall puzzle that is overthrowing the two-party system with occasional stand-alone trope setpieces. In short, Lost Girl is presented as occurring approximately in our modern reality, and thus even if we say The Wanderer is more ruthless and unconscionable than Ares, his incestuous relationship would be in a far different context socially, gull and mythologically.

So, is a scene like this exploitative or not? Plus, Tamsin really gets into it. Episods offers to keep her friend gitl, but Bo sends her back inside to be with Hale and everyone else. Almost makes up for her being missing so much in the previous episodes.

“Lost Girl” Rewind Mini-Cap (): Groundhog Fae – AfterEllen

I curse Zoie Palmer. She forgives him; they make up. Because sleeping with Bo because she wanted her: However, I do believe girk Bo and Tamsin complement each other.

In a similarly intoxicated vein, Lauren volunteers to perform drunken surgery to reattach Vex’s severed hand, and Dyson agrees to play nurse. I think I covered that would be gross and weird and wrong, right?