Featured post Momo FA. Tickets will go on sale Aug. We will probably be going to the Tokyo run! That was the only thing any of us could say about him. Goofs When the Double Charles appear, they perform a sequence that should have happened approximately four months after the events of ‘Lycoris That Blazes The Earth” as it was in the source material. Yata previously played Shusuke Fuji in the second season of the Prince of Tennis musical.

Sebastian Michaelis Nayuta Fukuzaki Ciel’s silhouette is actually Teruma William T. Chi ni Moeru Lycoris Black Butler: He started the role as Ciel when he was only 12 years old and took the fans by surprise. Osaka, Miyagi, Tokyo, and Fukuoka. Hirose brought humor to his roles as Phipps. The main cast members already announced have sparked attention, and this time there are even more interesting, unique characters. This high quality can also be seen in the new visuals released this time that show the entire cast together.

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He demands your attention and you will give it to him. Spears in the cage. We ventured all the way to Osaka to see this performance which was held in the Umeda Arts Theater. We will probably be going to the Tokyo run!

Tickets will go on sale Aug. Hirose brought humor to his roles as Phipps. But, he proved all my doubts wrong. Watching him live is exactly like watching him on any DVD. Featured post Momo FA. The backdrop replicated a castle-like feeling with movable columns and stairs that could be moved to either the front or the sides of the center tunnel piece. Featured post Heartful Letter Day The Anime on Stage Blog. Chess Pieces that would move about and a set of stairs that would appear when needed.


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A few months later, here we are in Japan back from seeing the show, and there are many things to say! Akane Liv was the star of eartth show as usual. Sebastian Michaelis Nayuta Fukuzaki This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

In my fight, I step forward past the obstacles I overcame. W-Charles were also very amusing at the party scene.

eath Ciel Phantomhive Takuya Uehara His singing also sounds just as amazing live. Do you know where can I see the show? Most of the changes were in songs and the design of the stage rather than the plot. You can purchase the version of the show here: Edit Did You Know?

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That was the only thing any of us could say about him. Given that William is only on the stage for about ten minutes, Teruma only has a small opportunity to make an impact.


Visuals have been released for the entire cast of the Musical Kuroshitsuji:. During Kuromyu, we opted out of the English subtitle glasses which B,azes talked about in her review of the Touken Ranbu Musical. Grant’s “Game of Thrones” Experience. There were truly no bad seats in the building as we all sat on the second balcony and had a perfect view of the entire stage.

Performances of the musical will be held from November to December in four cities across Japan: For the version, the set was changed entirely. No auto tune needed here.

Teruma as William T. Spears Teruma was very angry. Hide-sama will always be one of the most professional actors in the tge. Grell Sutcliffe Akane Liv This ranges from his dance moves all the way to the way he acts.

Their harmonies went together well and they nailed the new second song they received. There was little changed from the original run of Lycoris to the new run of the show.

Osaka, Miyagi, Tokyo, and Fukuoka.