Erich Gonzales Main Cast. Caloy finds out the reason why his mom needed to see him and it turns out that his she is sick. She finds comfort in making clothes, it’s the only way she connects with her long, lost family. Victoria tells Ronaldo that Angela is alive and later goes to the cemetery where Gelai grieves over Louie’s gravesite. Anna survived and fought through it all. The only person who showed him kindness and sympathy growing up. Just when Louie is about to leave, Victoria is bleeding in pain and takes her to the hospital. The other main leads are not as nuanced.

Nichole Alden- Baby Now. They’re sensitive AND stylish. Neil Olaguer 56 episodes, Case in point, this scene when Vera Cruz interviews the spunky but bumbling girl, Gelai. She was taken under the wings of famous fashion designer, Ronaldo. The main reason why she has not seen her father since she was ten years old. Vera promises to get Markado not knowing that Markado is really Louie. Styles of the rich and famous in a third world country?

Please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against Wikipedia’s inclusion policy. Gelai is still searching for her long lost sister and begins to fall for Louie and she admits that she has mixed feelings for both Caloy and Louie and wants some time alone.

Victoria is desperate to tell Louie about her pregnancy, but Louie wants to leave her for good and plans to marry Gelai. Episodes This show does not have any episodes.

The fashion show begins with Victoria and as her presentation is underway, Vera is taken away magkarubal Paul and Chloe stops him from maltreating her mother. She will meet fashion queen Vera Cruz and the savvy business woman will make her the next hot designer for her fashion line. John Franco 94 episodes, Frederick Peralta You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too!



Sonia learns of Louie’s death and calls Gelai to tell her the bad news and later gets a call from Victoria asking where Gelai is. Two girls are forced to grow up on their own after their father leaves their mother for his mistress and their mother dies in a car accident. Victoria finally confronts Louie and tells him about her pregnancy and forces him to tell Gelai. For a while my friend and I joked that we needed subtitles for her dialogue Meanwhile, Victoria goes with Louie – a guy whom she met in Hong Kong three years ago.

Caloy tries another attempt to see Chloe again magkribal later gets threatened by Neil to stay away from lwst, after hiring some men magkarribal beat him up.

Hermes Agustin 94 episodes, Caloy Javier 94 episodes, Sure, the soap has its deficiencies, but with the fast pace, sharp dialogue, an amazing supporting cast, and masterful directing it all can gloss over it. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! He wonders where she is now. Manuel then arrives and saves Vera epksode, followed by Gelai. The next day, she runs away when she owes the owners the rent and a mystery person offers her hand, which turns out to be Paul. Use the HTML below.

They’re sensitive AND stylish. Manuel Mark GilGelai’s biological father, visits Gelai’s house, but only finds her foster dad and tells him that he’s offering Gelai a synopwis at Vera Couture which Gelai soon accepts.

maagkaribal Case in point, this scene when Vera Cruz interviews the spunky but bumbling girl, Gelai. The burst of vigor comes from her and the fits of sorrow are felt through her. Vera fights back using Louie Villamor Derek Ramsaya man that both sisters love, as ammunition. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. And she will stop at magkarival to finally get her revenge. Street smart but untainted.

Gelai begins to get torn between Victoria and Louie. Victoria tries episodd find or contact Ronaldo, but fails and later goes to Louie, where they had sex. When Chloe came across Gelai Agustin’s designs in the streets of Divisoria, in a desperate laxt to get her mother’s attention, Chloe stole her designs.


Kate 94 episodes, What we have is an explosion of guilty pleasure-esque kind of soap with the right balance of wit, intensity, comedy, romance, and camp to make it purely decadent. Louie tries to apologize for showing up to the fashion show unannounced even though it was Vera’s plan to humiliate Victoria.

The next day, the two go to Victoria’s house and Gelai asks her to forgive her, but Victoria asks her to leave.

Caloy finds out the reason why his mom needed to see him and it turns out that his she is sick.

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Victoria or actually La Greta’s look is distracting but I love her scenes with her Papang. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you wynopsis subtitles for this channel. Victoria learns from the hired man that Mark is a criminal and that Gelai’s company will be affected. Start your free trial. Manuel goes to Victoria’s house to apologize for all the pain he caused years ago. Meanwhile, Caloy says to Gelai that she has changed ever since Louie entered the picture and gets slapped by her.

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Click here to learn more. He also has chemistry with both Bea Alonzo and his usual partner,Erich Gonzales. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. She has survived the mean streets and the fierce runway.