Kolehiyala Drama 7. Played Mariel in “Tulak ng bibig, kabig ng dibdib” in Played Concierge in “Chasing Christmas” in Played Carlos in “La desnud … a chica del relax” in Performed in “Dancing Master 2: Performed in “Un castillo en la arena” in Played Herself – Host in “A mi manera” in

Performed in “Project X” in Played La madre in “Queridos reyes magos” in Performed in “Platea” in What movie and television projects has Alma Soriano been in? Played Cora in “Kalabit” in Played Henry in “Tres mujeres” in

Played Mariel in “Yesterday Today Tomorrow” in Performed in “La sunamita” in Performed in “Sa dulo ng baril” in Played herself in “Dolphy: Played Roselle in “Sabi mo mahal mo ako, wala ng bawian” in Played Rosita in “Las largas vacaciones del 36” in Played Margarita in “Celeste, siempre Celeste” in Played herself in “De cerca” in Played Saleslady in “Bekikang: Eh love kita” in Played Terry in “Minsan lang kitang iibigin” in Played Ex-convict in “Biyaheng lupa” in Performed in “Carmen maits familia” in Performed in “Crocodile Jones: Played Inday in “Inday-Inday sa balitaw” in Played Marilen Alvarez in “Ama, ina, anak” in Performed in “Yo soy Bea” in matia Played Marisa in “El anacoreta” in Performed in “Las spriano horas” in Performed in “Tootsie Wootsie: Played Mila Cabangon in “Mila” in Played Bing in “Omeng Satanasia” in Played Madre de Sandra in “Hospital Central” in Played Adela in “Gritos de ansiedad” in Played Axel in “30 Days of Night: Teddy GomezTeddy Page Stars: Played Cynthia in “I Will Survive” in Played herself in “La imagen de tu vida” in Played Alicia in “Batas ng lansangan” in Performed in “Historias naturales” in Played Herself – Host in “Esto se anima” in Dark Days” in Played Hostess in “Con luz propia” in Performed in “La mujer es cosa de hombres” in Played Brian in “Mistresses” in Played Herself – Host in “Festival de Benidorm” in Played Gloria in “Kahit minsan lang” in Played Clerk in “Last Supper No.


Performed in “Dancing Master” in Played Pilar in “Pepe en Pilar” in Ang bandang walang atrasan” in Played Jacinta in “Inagaw mo ang lahat sa akin” in Performed in “Teatro para todos” in Mari Cruz Soriano has: Played herself in “Aswang: Played Clara in “Momzillas” in Performed in “Summer Love” in