Arm in a cast, sutures on her cheek. The happier my officers are are the harder they work to keep us going. Slabtown — Recap and Discussion. Officer Creepy, I mean Gorman, walks in sucking on it. Two, Carol and Daryl show up the same moment that Beth and Noah are escaping. However, Beth believed they will eventually find the group members while, Daryl gave up all hope.

Carol probably has a stick of gum and a ball of lint in her pocket…. The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: He followed her out of the house but, it was too late. Edwards complains about being bored, Beth reminds him: I have to go watch it again. I-love-Daryl November 6, at 6: Beth grabs his gun and runs When she sees Dawn in the hallway, she says tells her that Joan was looking for her and that she saw her and Gorman heading toward her office. Steve Grimes November 3, at 8:

Every since Carol Vs. They take the body for disposal.

Beth admires the painting in his office. Does it not rain? Looks like the answer to who is with Daryl is also answered.

He bangs on the metal shutters with a pipe. Has she even inquired about Beth? The man in charge, Hanson, started to crack and got people killed. I totally have not seen the spoiled teenager vibe from Beth since the farm. I-love-Daryl November 6, at 6: Headlesshampster November 3, at 8: What about the drinking country club episode when Beth got kidnapped?


Clock ticking seriously I have no idea how people sleep in rooms with clocks. Slabtpwn more sense to kill her.

DeadFan November 3, at Beth wonders why Joan would try to escape. Injured and helpless, the pair was forced to seek shelter at a funeral home in a ccemetery. To make things worse, Daryl had to work even harder to protect not only himself but, Beth as well.

Our favorite comment as chosen in a completely subjective manner by the slabown team here will win a set of our new orange PVCs featuring Abraham, Andrea, and Jesus! She was just curious. I heard her song last season and was like WOW. AthenaDragon November 2, at 7: On her way to the Dr.

Episode 504: Slabtown – Recap and Discussion

Trevitt and instructs her to give him 75mg of Clozapine. He tells walkinv that he knows that Trevitt was important to Dawn for some reason.

Neutral-Grey November 3, at As he creeps out, Dr.

Carol and Daryl both are too smart then to pretend a lame duck scenario to infiltrate the hospital. I guess she could have just pouted and bottled her emotions and vead at a campfire like some other people did though.

Edwards tells her how it all started, with Atlanta destroyed, they started to trade care for service.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Episode 4 “Slabtown” Everything You Need to Know

Then she knocks Beth out. Edwards comes in and breaks it up. Officer Creepy, I mean Gorman, walks in sucking on it. Episode 4 is when we find out what happened to Beth. Steve Grimes November 2, at The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Is Noah going to come back and save them?! Beth maintains that she wants to leave.


Then she looks slabtpwn and finds the body of Joan on the floor. BillyHo November 2, at 9: She stalks him down the hallway aaaaaand…. MaximumParty November 2, at 9: Did I say that at some point? The officer who brings him in whispers something to Dawn, who suddenly becomes much more involved.

Stephen Edwards and Officer Dawn Lerner.

(SPOILERS) Inside Episode 5x The Walking Dead: Slabtown – Dailymotion Video

Beth picks up a pair of scissors and follows him. Beth grabs his gun and runs. Every scene appears to have light shining through windows or transitions into a same timeline scene that does. Sure seems like she had a quick attraction to Noah and one armed Cindy Grady Reference in a very short period.