Cinematic storytelling part 3: I love this camera! Hi, Just bought the C33 but it seems the shutter isn’t working? Many of you may be wondering—why use a half-frame camera instead of a full-frame one? About Getting started Submit Contact. How to make a TEXPan: I just want to take a set of 6×6 photographs on film

There are many reasons the shutter might not be firing. I just want to take a set of 6×6 photographs on film I would suggest the C better! This has been discussed here recently. About this product Product Information Take pictures at your family parties and friendly meetings with the Mamiya C33 Professional camera. The answer is we think making creative duo compositions are more exciting and challenging! The C33 is was one of the top of the line Professional labeled twin lens cameras Mamiya made. Available in our Shop.

What delightful achievement it would be if one can mimic the painterly strokes such as Claude Monet or Vincent van Gogh! Tim, I just pulled out my old C33, and what I said before was misleading. Back the Lomogon 2. We love how sharp and clear the photo quality is, and when we found someone in who was selling one of his modified cameras, we decided gilm buy it from him. If it’s not doing that, the shutter isn’t being wound when you wind the film, and that’s your problem.

Mamiya C33 instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

I just want to take a set of 6×6 photographs on film The answer is we think making creative duo compositions are more exciting and challenging! Instead a proprietary Mamiya covering is used with a tiny raised letter ‘M’. Let us know how you get on with it. Retrieved from ” http: Its a nice idea to use a polaroid or instax back on Mamiya Tlrs camera, even thought it bleeds my heart to see camera butchered in a name of DIY.


I wish Fuji would release a GA quality camera with an Instax back. There’s a little switch on the back of the film chamber which resets the counter when the back is opened, and then re-engages fulm counter when the back is closed again. You can even customize the Mamiya C33 Professional, as its rear panel can be removed. Using the 65mm lens requires setting the knob on 80mm and using a 65mm mask. Your name or email address: Working with the Lomo’Instant Wide we got to see a modern twist on vintage photo classics.

Now they allow us an intimate gaze into their band’s life and work.

C or C I love this camera! Help by contributing your thoughts, work filj ideas to inspire others reading these pages: The viewing lens is bloomed and i would like to remove this Some models have additional scales for 55mm and mm lenses.

This page was last edited on 20 Mayat Also, do i need another back for single exposure photography? The rear door hinge broke with d33 of my C33’s and I was able to replace it. Large, Heavy, Vintage and complicated the Mamiya C33 is a great twin lens camera.


We think that this is a great project for anyone who is keen to modify their own TLR cameras for instant film. As we mentioned, the C series is a system camera, which means lenses are interchangeable!

Mamiya C33 Medium Format TLR Film Camera with 105mm Lens

For the wandering Lomographer, we’ve got mamiys alternative locations and destinations you might want to check out for picture-perfect travelogues. Do this a few times on all speeds. It is a beautiful machine!

You may have to rotate the shutter a few degrees in the lensboard. The C is smailler and the film advance and shutter are way simpler and more reliable! If you use those slow speeds a lot, you could get it overhauled. The body release trips the shutter just before it releases the interlock, so you have to push it down all the way.