Also lol at the Gilgamesh t In the hands of skilled carry junglers like Saintvicious, IWD, and especially Diamondprox, Shyvana was a force to be reckoned with. Happy Canada Day for those fortunate enoug After being ignored for two seasons and then reworked into a top laner, it seems strange that the Twisted Treant would rank so high on this list. This site is a part of Wikia, Inc. If a champion can survive for multiple metagames, then clearly they must have had a large impact. They are really annoying motherfuckers. Did we do the clickbait right?

They are really annoying motherfuckers. April 29 – Interview with TheOddOne: Like me on facebook!: After the tank item rework, Riot balance stated that they thought Amumu would be a problem, but he actually has seen very little play. Vi initially came onto the competitive scene at the beginning of Season 3, shortly after her release. This site is a part of Wikia, Inc. Her mixed damage kit has kept her in the game after multiple item changes, and Evelynn devotees Diamondprox and ClearLove are always looking for ways to bring her back into the meta. As mentioned earlier, Kha and Rengar are two of the only champions ever used in competitive play as glass cannon carry junglers.

Haters Make Us Famous. I ended up putting Kha on the list because Kha had a longer life as a top-tier meta pick and an arguably higher peak as a dominant meta champion. Although he has seen very little to no play in Seasons 4 and 5, he was one of the strongest junglers in Seasons 1 and 2 and saw brief popularity in Season 3.

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August 3, Vs Swain’s minions Part 2. See more of TheOddOne on Facebook. Rengar has enjoyed something of a longer lifespan, as he still remains a strong pocket pick for some experts. Both champions represent glass cannon carry junglers who could gank well while becoming relevant carry threats in the late game. I love your content, you are my hero! TheOddOne Picks Maokai youtube.

Still not sure why they’d give out these licenses though This Season, Kha jugnle fallen out of competitive play aside from a few experiments near the beginning of S5. Is this season 2 with Maokai!?!?!


They are really annoying motherfuckers. Some say I’m junvle camping Voyboy to this day Players quickly realized that snowballing the mid lane on assassin champions was the best way to play, and Vi was arguably the best at it because her ult shut down champions long enough for the assassin to burst them down. In spite of some exceptions, this has always been true, and even junglers that broke the mold have only done so while retaining all or most of these core characteristics.

The Top 10 Jungle Champions in Competitive History | Dot Esports

Do you like bullying the unfortunate while abusing the adc meta? Why troll when you can Mundo?

Back from vacation, back to rambling – OddVlog: Like me on facebook!: Light up the holidays with Bomb man himself Simply put, Maokai is the father of the modern day jungle. August 9 – Interview: And sadly yes I may of taken the power to win from Delta fox for just a small bit of LP, my bad Will we win or will I be sent back to t In a happier alternate universe, Elise would find herself much higher on this list.

The Top 10 Jungle Champions in Competitive History

I wrote a similar article about mid laners, if you are interested, check it out here! In some ways, Amumu is the defining teamfighting jungler. Return of the Legends Me with the legend Scarraalso for those in Seattle, I’ll be at Poropalooza tonight so be there or be safe at home I guess Shyvana is on this list because of how she changed the perception of jungling from a purely supportive role into a carry oriented one. February 27 – [ http: Gamepedia’s League of Legends Esports wiki covers tournaments, teams, players, and personalities in League of Legends.

Views View View form View source History. After being ignored for two seasons and then reworked into a top laner, it seems strange that the Twisted Treant would rank so high on this list. However, he was once renown for his ability to constantly adapt, and pros kept finding ways to bring him back into the meta.


Here were my criteria to determine which champions were the most impactful:. Or will he finally find some friends with the Season 5 World Championship just around the corner? World Championship Season 3. Das a good one replaces bomb man as the phrase of the day apparently, also I don’t think my movie ideas would be that successful The spiders dont obliterate them because they just cant eat so many of them, their strategy is zerg rush, so even if the spiders eat half of them, there are enough of them to quickly lay eggs that gonna eat roots for 5 years or something.

There are like 50 species, everyone more annoying than the other and every one of them is like psychically connected so they swarm in few weeks, procreate and die. Also this picture gives me nightmares Like me on facebook!: No jungler does this better than Evelynn. A different valuation would lead to a different list. Evelynn is the only invisible champion. Both champions were able to exert enough pressure to go toe-to-toe with gank specialists like Lee Sin or Oedone, but boasted better late game carry seasno.

Due to his great scaling, an Amumu jungle was a ticking timebomb, and maoiai only way to take him out was to stunt his early game with invades. To request an addition to the list, you may use this form.

New vid out, long Civ VI Expansion stream later today: Junglers are expected to be low econ supports who focus on vision and engages. I wanted to take a look back to find out which jungler champions had the biggest impact on competitive history.

In our darkest hour our top laner accidentally locks in a jungle because he didn’t put points into literacy D2 Prereq Skillwill we wipe because of this e