We listen, we learn and if we misstep we are not afraid to do the right thing. That I did like about it, but it wasn’t enough to redeem the amp to me. Luckily the place I bought it from had a 90 day return policy so this amp went back and a better amp was purchased. I cant find enough on these amps, But the world is a twisted place. Leave a comment Name required E-mail will not be published required Website Submit.

Enjoy the clip and I apologize for the playing My guess is that they are thier answer to the flood of inexpensive Chinese made amps by other companies like Peavey,Egnater,etc.. To me the downside of the amp is the Cabinet wood not being the traditional wood normally used in a Marshall Cabinet. I tried it out with a Jerry Jones Neptune. It can be very useful when you want a bit more body and bite from your sound. I spent some significant time at Guitar Center with this amp MA50h. Search Media New Media. Nov 26, 1.

Apr 16, 8. I hope it helps any questions and i’ll send you a picture of how my MA is set up and all my knobs set for a great tone. Now Marshall invites you to experience valve tone for yourself with our most accessible range of valve-driven guitar amplifiers ever – introducing the all-new, all-valve MA Series.

I didn’t even know the Ma series was built in vietnam. We proposed some changes to the Emporiums. I tried it out with a Jerry Jones Neptune. The amp is built ok but still wish it was built again like the Marshalls from England. We listen, we learn and if we misstep we are not afraid to do the right thing.

Marshall launches MA Series amplifiers | MusicRadar

Give an Experience this Christmas with our new gift sessions posted on December 15, Soundhouse is Hiring! The channel also has a boost option, which adds a bit more gain and volume for solos, so it can sit on top of the band and cut through the mix. Sniper-VApr 18, I suppose if you’re a teenager fappin’ away in moms basement and just HAVE to have something that says Marshall for the cool factor I guess it’s ok, but it’ll NEVER hold up to any sort of real road use unless you really baby the amp.


Website Design by Solocube. However, it has also highlighted that we need some community input into what is working and what is not working for members here. They are even worse than the Hazes, haha. Engaging the Overdrive’s Boost function provides seriew gain for both pounding metal madness and fret-burning solos alike.

No one has touched them where I work. If you want a Chinese amp that will likely die on you in years in this price range that’ll actually sound ok Home Forums Recent Posts.

Some claim there is not enough It had moments where it sounded like an at lower gain settings with the volume most of the way up on sreies clean channel. Yeah, they are pretty awful.

Marshall launches MA Series amplifiers

I play all the time in a band and get good responses to my sound alot from other guitarists who are marshall owners. Increasing the Crunch Balance moves your normal overdrive sound closer to that of your ‘boosted’ tone. Stay very far away! Nov 26, 5.

I still use my Boss SD-1 For boosting the channel For solos or for that Zakk Wylde Pinch Harmonic, but the amp sounds great through a Marshall a loaded with the eminence speakers, the Cab handles watts and works for what I need it for. For more information, serjes www.

Marshall MA100H and MA50H…Whats the deal??

Aug 5, The eminece speakers as well not that they sound bad but they are normally a Fender amp thing i think and just do not belong in a Marshall Cab Try one and decide for your self. Is it worth it? I made the monkey at GC wheel over 4 different cabs.


I can pull plenty of gain as needed. This amp to me I have owned my marshall mah since June of and gigged with it every week since then and it has not once let me down. England is where it should always be made. Any info would be great, Like i said it is a good rocking cheap amp. The speaker changed nothing about my impression of these amps. Of course, if you turn the volume up on the MG its shortcomings become readily apparent, but at least it starts off with 2 good tones.

Marshall MAH and MA50HWhats the deal?? | The Gear Page

I could get dialed in for good tones for chords, or good tones for single note runs, but I couldn’t quite dial in something that sounded right for both without it getting flubby, and buzzy for some part of the sound. Soundhouse Studios 33 West 8th Ave. I cannot believe the awful things people have been saying about this amp. This cab is loaded with Eminence Speakers. Leave a comment Name required E-mail will not be published required Website Submit.

I heard nothing of that from this amp. The other guitarist in my band uses a Peavy Valveking, and trust me when I say it’s louder than my MA, not to mention a little cheaper. Some will hate it and some will like it. I can’t say for sure if they’re reliable, since I haven’t sold any to anyone. How could Marshall lose the plot so badly on the MA series?

But the world is a twisted place.