D Djuls Criss 5 years ago. I do not own the rights to Merlin. Now though, what’s the point? Worst of all the idea of Merlin the Great Sorceror is now just becoming silly. It would really give a more grown-up aspect to the show and open up plenty of plot possibilities. Kilgarrah should have been watching him better. I agree 4×08 onward was a filler and then 4×12 and 4×13 were basically a rehash of the finale of 3×12 and 3x

He played Ralf in First Knight. What was your favourite series, who are your favourite characters or moment from the show? That ep wasn’t about drama – it was there to serve a purpose in preparing for the reunion of Terry and June. FY MerlinxArthur 5 years ago. Merlin beauty and the beast-part two Merlin – Excalibur – Part 7 bradleyjnet 10 years ago.

Use the HTML below. DramaAdventureFamily Countries: It sounds as if he’s got some critical sense anyway if he’s noticed the total unbelievability of Arthur’s whole ‘we can’t be friends because you’re a servant’ thing when he’s marrying one and knighting peasants willy-nilly.

Such a shame since they have the talent in their cast to make it so much more than it is. Merlin s01e08 The Beginning of The End. Its entirely the most convincing and interesting relationship on the show with all that love and deception and tension and resentment and fear and expectation.


It purportedly grants immortality to those who drink from it, and Arthur and Merlin retrieve it from the Druids to prevent it falling into Cenred’s hands. I do not own anything from FY MerlinxArthur 5 years ago. Merlin – Excalibur – Part 7 bradleyjnet 10 years ago. Merlin Temporada 1 Episodio 6 “Un remedio para curar todos los males” Merlin I got the episodes recorded.

The triangle was begun in S2 and it was very clearly being built up as one.

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Now they’ll take the story forward. She will have no insecurities what so ever about being queen. Merlin Season 1 Bluray p pahe.

mer,in In Merlin such things no longer seem to matter. Hi GP – I love you too! Merlin s1e3The Mark of Nimueh timing cocok n bukan google translate.

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We are not stupid not to glare at the promises not kept, the resets, the characters’ abuse and lack of any coherent evolution of plot. Merlin – 05×10 – The Kindness of Strangers. Watch Now With Prime Video. Merlin – 05×01 ar.

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From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. There’s wolves out there, bears, boars Series 3 subitles the ‘throwing things at Merlin’ time and series 4 was all screaming for matureness and reveal, until 4x D Djuls Criss 5 years ago.


I don’t have to tell you how I feel about any of your points–you obviously trawled my brain such as it is and organized my thoughts for me.

Do you want to go and get some? Merlin – 05×13 – The Diamond of the Day: Reply Part 1 gatepromise. Having killed Cenred, Morgause makes his soldiers drink from it and, under her orders, they successfully attack Camelot.

A stunning Katie Mcgrath and top acting from Anthony Head. Merlin The last dragonlord If we can’t trust what Gwen says about her feelings By the time the three young men arrive back at the court, Uther is in chains and Camelot has a new ruler.

If they want to make a movie they need to up their game. I don’t belieeeeeve it!