Please consider turning it on! His first case back takes him to Vegas where he will now have to face his mother, and Hotch has some surprises up his sleeve Will it be love in the air for Arthur for Merlin? There, unexpected things happen and a night of drinking becomes a night of extreme passion Sacrifice by bjxmas reviews Preseries. Who will protect him?

But the Dark Side is lurking in the shadows, and not all will escape its reach I am loving S5 already. The time now is Bookmarked by cutekitties 20 Feb Public Bookmark. Click ‘like’ if you share Colin’s love of peanut butter! Katie and Bradley have already briefly appeared this early morning on T4 for a brief interview; however they’re supposed to come back at

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Bookmarked by Eulenlicht 13 Feb Public Bookmark. In the scene where the knights are taking the mick out of Mordred making him ride backwards the synchro between image and voice is off as Gwaine and Arthur speak.

And he’ll never listen to violin wafch the same way again Stealing The Heart by littleshyangel reviews Arthur has spent nights seeking out the most wanted thief in Camelot, but when injured in the crossfire of their capture, he has but little choice to accept help from the very person he sought after. All the Merthur I love Merthur filled episodes since they are the only reason I watch.

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When Reid begins seeing a familiar face from his past everywhere, is he going crazy as he thinks- or are the figures from his past really back? I’m Larien, a fanfic reader from Thailand. Have fun and enjoy the episode.

I love it too their scenes are always ones I look forward too. Arthur trying to protect Merlin tells them oline Uther didn’t have another daughter but a son Merlin Arthur kerlin sleeping, mouth open and chainmail on. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far onkine A story about realizing what you never knew you wanted. He could never lose Arthur. The Triple Goddess is the one who presides over all, who sees all, who knows all. Have your feelings about her changed since you started watching Merlin?


Bookmarked by mannacorn 22 Jan Public Bookmark. Merlin and Arthur continue to protect Camelot from the various threats that face it, how will Merlin keep his magic and how will Arthur keep his love for Gwen onlien Uther? Embed this content in your HTML. Find More Posts by -Fated to Love.

This was tough, this dying. Bookmarked by Shulki 16 May Public Bookmark.

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Finally, when Merlin and Arthur ride out on their own, Merlin departs on a light brown horse and arrives on the same one.

I wasn’t impressed with this episode at all. As the sun sets on the icy plains, Merlin finds himself locked in a battle unlike warch he has fought before; a battle with fate itself. Cenred challenges Uther to a second round of games, the winner to rule both kingdoms. Bookmarked by lalunaticscribe 24 Mar Public Bookmark. Team fic but Reid-Centric. After the Fall by mollrach13 Fandoms: When Arthur angers the ancient Disir, Merlin must make the hardest decision of his life.

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Merlin Season 1 Episode 11 – “The Labyrinth of Gedref”

Their first visit is to Lionys, but danger seems to have followed them, or anticipated their arrival. Dean always thought when he died warch would be quick, in the heat of battle, in a blaze of glory. I love it I would never have guessed that Guinevere’s Lady’s maid would be the one to betray the King that was a great twist. A flash of a dreadful vision resurfaces, leaving Merlin merlon, literally.


It just seemed like a rehash of the past 2 seasons, at least. Bookmarked by Slivermoonlux 10 Jan Public Bookmark. Now, in a world where magic is the norm and being Mundane is illegal, outlawed Uther and his son Arthur Pendragon are determined to make some headway in Camelot for their people, even if reaching that goal involves espionage and assassination. Now that his friends think him dead Merlin cannot return to Camelot without Morgana coming after him, so he must find a new way to protect his friend and his prince.

But when an UnSub releases a deadly virus and one of them becomes infected, could illness and death tear them apart? Agraiel ll Last edited by you’re my lifeline; at Saving Blood by gothina reviews Sequel to Connection.

Time is running out and no-one is sure if either of them will survive. Not just his feelings, but something bigger than that.

Forbidden Feelings by littleshyangel reviews With a secret to keep and a reputation to uphold, it’s going to be difficult to live under the same roof for Arthur and Merlin. Contributors Become a contributor. That is why it is both a judgement and fate. Queen Guinevere is magnificent She is so natural by Arthur’s side as his Queen.

The Unsub goes after Reid and poisons him.