There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. It stars Eric Tsang as a former Triad who returns to HK after 30 years of exile in Brazil to take revenge against his former triad rival and find and reunite with the love of his life whom he had to abandon when he left. Cat Shu Qui works as secretary on a big software company, but she remember her past, stealing precious stones on a high class disco, in company of the martial angels, a half dozen ladies You may have noticed some of the recent changes we have made. In those scenes all the elements of filmmaking comes together and they’re perfect examples of why I love movies so much. As Yip showed in Love is not a game, but a joke , he has a definite handle on quirkiness and how it can endear characters to an audience. Sandra Ng is Third Sister, a tough-as-nails triad boss who controls her territory with unrelenting and bloody vigor but who has a soft spot for cute and well read young men. Angels Wear White

Despite having Alzheimer’s, he holds a half smoked cigarette in his pack because it was a memento from the girl he loved. Directed, written by Riley Ip Ip Kam-hung. This is a worthy little film that falters only in its utter abstraction. But the reason why Smokey accepts he explains is to get famous, and although it is not stated, Smokey looks up to Mountain Leopard as a father figure, and in one case brings Leopard to his mom to see if he is his dad. He recruits a young guy who he sees slash this guy with a machette who groped a prostitute. Exploring human qualities I agree with the first review that this is a small gem. Log in with Facebook. Shame though that they’re placed partly on the widescreen frame.

Do the Oscars Need a Host? With all the scenes in my mind that complete my life. Share this Rating Title: There’s hardly any damage to the 1.

Metade Fumaca (半支煙 ) ()

At around midnight, when Close decided [ She could be yet another colorfully deranged character but is underplayed to perfection by Elaine Kam.


Nicholas Tse is quite good as Smokey a young tough guy who we find zynopsis almost immediately is more than a little unhinged. TV 1h 41min DramaRomance Taiwan.

Riley Yip Kam-Hung Writer: On his quest he meets Smokey Nicholas Tsea young street hustler who helps him find the rival. It’s not always clear whether this is trying to be an art flick, or whether it’s trying to be a morality play, an unrequited love fantasy, a buddy story, all of the above, or none of the above As the movie progresses the real truth slowly gets revealed and we as an audience synopssi time to consume and ponder about it without feeling like the synopsos is going to fast.

Anthony Valletta Super Reviewer. I’ve primarily seen Eric Tsang in comedy roles and the thought that he could carry a heavy drama has never struck me before but Eric quickly showcases a huge talent for the genre.

Recommended to those zynopsis are not in a hurry. Young Roy Sam Lee Fests in search of accessible but stylish fumacw could give this one a spin. The story turns out to be an unexpecting twist which shows the importance and the beauty of memories. I guess it’s a case of ‘you figure it out!

Both Terence Yin and Anthony Wong have extended, two scene cameos and both look like they are having a lot of fun. After Olivia Colman upset the heavily favored Glenn Close to win the best actress Oscar on Sunday, Close became the new record-holder among actresses for most Oscar nominations without a win.

We’re willing to invest a lot of the running time to get to know them even better and all this is a testament to Rileys great script and direction. This was just the beginning of a magnificent tale of the beauty of memories. Exploring human qualities I agree with the first review that this is a small gem. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Metade Fumaca ()

I definitely recommend this film to anyone who likes something a little touchy or just simply meaningful and light-hearted. Rival triad metase also gather, and a huge rumble seems inevitable. I have to say that I thought the score was overused in certain places and could’ve been lower in volume while still working with the scene. The film gets dreamy and enigmatic in the climax. The ending is quite a suprise and the ending makes you think there could be a part 2!!


Metade Fumaca

Now that we’re approaching the end I want to talk about Riley’s little twist towards the end of the movie. Overall, a flawed fmaca.

Yin is Brother Chai, a loan shark and crew boss who is just back in town from Los Angeles. Mountain Leopard observes the changes in the triad way of life while he’s guided by Smokey who himself isn’t all that fascinated with that world. The direction Riley chooses here can probably be compared to many directors but I kept thinking of the way Wilson Yip directs.

In that inspiringly beautiful scene, the two gang leaders unknowingly share the view side by side; Smokey and Leopard forget about killing Nine Dragons; it is a brief moment in time where all past thoughts were forgotten, and only present thoughts of shooting stars, of that beauty emanating.

Ban zhi yan (Metade Fumaca)

This is probably the best letterboxed transfer I’ve seen from Universe. Roy ‘Mountain Leopard’ Nicholas Tse The woman identifies the clerk as someone who had molested her on the subway.

Oi hau yu sun Life after love Music: Riley Yip Kam-Hung Action: In this case Mountain Leopard has no redeeming characteristics at all. Eric Tsang is fantastic as usual.

Riley Yip’s drama really shines from the beginning frame both visually and sound wise. Half Cigarette 7. Mia, a teenager who was ketade on reception that night, is the only witness. Search for ” Ban zhi yan ” on Amazon. Thanks to dleedlee for providing the Best Original Film Song title.