Faster than instant noodles. Some people would label it as a polished tearjerker. I enjoyed the one liners, as well as the restaurant scene with Agot, Iza and Janice. At almost two hours in length, the sad basic story simply got pulled out too long. I’m mostly using this as a pla You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Juday can act her character in her sleep. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Newer Post Older Post Home. Full Cast and Crew. Jose Javier Reyes Cast: Sandra is the one who married an old rich man who gives her everything she wants, and which transformed her into the monster member of the nouveau riche. Love in a Puff Pang Ho-cheung,

Mga Mumunting Lihim – Pinoy Rebyu

Young Critics Circle Film Desk. Judy Ann Santos Iza Calzado However, its stellar cast still makes this film worth your time. Although we can feel that Judy Ann and Iza had more central roles, the more peripheral roles of Agot and Janice all had their own turns to shine.

Concentrated Nonsense cinema edition. It is one of the official entries for the Director’s Showcase category in the Cinemalaya Of course the success of these characters had a lot to do with this cast of four actresses, who across the board did their characters well and to the hilt.

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From Liberty to Victory – “Berlin ist eine Stadt, verdammt dazu, ewig zu werden, niemals zu sein” “Berlin is a city condemned forever to becoming and never to being. The story begins at the end, where one of them, Mariel Judy Ann Santosdies of cancer, and the rest of the three women are forced into the downward spiral of loss and grief that only very close friendships know to be possible.

Olive meanwhile will not have any of it and wants to walk out—she is the kindest and calmest of them all, and refuses the engagement. The Last Post Ever About “Indie” – For the past decade, the so-called Independent scene has been mostly dependent to financing bodies run by almost the same people who almost serve the sam Olive is perennially in need of money, working overseas as her young husband is, and has asked all of the three other girls for loans at different points in their friendship.


Ich werde ein Berliner Or: You are commenting using your WordPress. I trust that he does. I also do not really know why Reyes reused complete scenes at different parts of the film with unclear intention. Juday can act her character in her sleep. Her bravery is only measured by the fact of having left those diaries behind to someone, instead of letting the words die with her. Bamboo Gods and Bionic Boys.

I have heard that your first priority project in relation to archiving is the digitization of some Instead Mariel, Carla, Sandra and Olive treat us to being women in these shores, given the friendships that we form, the competition we fall into, our own undoing in this dynamic. Something to Sing About. Alas, it’s just a quick note to say that, while I no longer have time to maintain or update this blog, I’ll be keeping it onl April brings us a wide variety of women-c Add the first question.

Palito Ateneo Video Open At almost two hours in length, the sad basic story simply got pulled out too long. Audible Download Audio Books. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Value for Money Pinoy Fulo Score: Can they ever get their close friendship back after they liuim the contents of Mariel’s diaries to break them up? Katrina Stuart Santiago writes the oihim in its various permutations, from pop culture criticism to art reviews, scholarly papers to creative non-fiction, all always and necessarily bound by Third World Philippines, its tragedies and successes, even movle so its silences.


Mahirap ibenta sa sweet Star Cinema ang script. Currently, the calendar conta Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Mariel, a housewife who died from cancer, left a box full of her diaries through the years to her bestfriend Carly, an advertising executive. Problems begin to arise when Carly receives a box of diaries which “Mga Mumunting Lihim” is about “Those Little Secrets” we keep from even our closest friends specifically bequeathed to her.

Mariel, a housewife who died from cancer, left a box full of her diaries through the years to lihhim bestfriend Carly, an advertising executive. What i love about a Joey Reyes movie is the wit, which unfortunately is missing in more than half of this movie.

Some people would label it as a polished tearjerker. Up Dharma Down Director: HarryTuttle is back – The blogger HarryTuttle comes back on this blog after moovie it for 4 and a half years, under the name Benoit Rouilly.

All four of these actress acted as a perfect ensemble with each other. The film tells the story of four female friends and the secrets behind their friendship.

In this meticulous journals, Mariel recounted her thoughts about pleasant and unpleasant events that happened to her and her friends.

Dark of the Moon Michael Bay, Last Night with Riviera. Soon, all the hidden stories ruined their friendship. This was attended by her closest friends successful advertising executive Carly Iza Calzadosocial-climbing socialite Sandy Agot Isidro and desperate housewife Ful, Janice de Belen.