A Prince AndorxOC one-shot. Make a post and flair it as a suggestion and idea. It was also discussed during Season 1. Sees Jordan as this, since he is an alternate universe version of her husband Spark. She seems to finally die at ep The story has changed and life goes on, debts unpaid and villians still at large. K – English – Fantasy – Chapters: Killed Off for Real:

It seems not an episode goes by without her uttering one of these. Interruptions and Sidetracks by Lethe the Dragon reviews Tom is trying to tell Jordan he likes him but keeps getting interrupted and sidetracked. Everything is about to change, hopefully for the better. Contains Team crafted, Chaos, and an important piece in my plotline. Andor, come here, child. He appeared in Season 1 and decided against following the Heroes to Season 2.

Mate, Cherry Ridge is a very lucrative business. He appeared in Season 1 and decided against following the Heroes to Season 2.

II_Jeriicho_II (Tucker Boner)

His skin sports one. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. In Season 2 he has to return to The End after her power begins failing her. Friend to All Living Things: What else could he be? Kinda depressing if miankte think about it. Season 2, ha ha. Even in Season 2 he has yet to decide which god he wants to follow.


He allows four of the Ianitas to be killed to revive Ianite.

He is the leader of a group of warriors called the Blood Knights. That Man Is Dead: Occasionally dips into this. Takes particular joy in this lifestyle. Martha is a demi-god at least.


The more one researches Thaumcraft, the more insane they become. Click on the new world file and load it up. He’s arguably the nicest person around in The Realm of Mianite, but he’s also one of the strongest.

And that’s just one example. Everything is about to change, hopefully for the better. Her return mianitte to the land of the living didn’t go smoothly. Towards Season 2 Mianite. He names his weapons.

It takes him a while to realize that his kid has been switched and the kid is later found inside a jail cell. Subverted miainte that he really isn’t that bad a guy. In season 2, she reveals that she has gone even higher after her death. She is known to bewearing flower crowns. He’s the most likely to start fights with the others, but at the end of the day they’re all a team.


Mianite Season 1 World Download Available! : TheRealmOfMianite

Red and Black and Evil All Over: Still good work though. Mini plot ideas welcome! She also does some pretty endearing things, miianite occasionally joins the Streamers in their madcap antics.

Cronus13 Connor Pearce The dark and mysterious follower of the Shadows. Country Bat Alyssa Sonja’s Alternate, though much younger than she is.

Rated T for bad language.

Rated T for language and minor descriptions of injury. He might be tough on the outside, but he deeply loves Dianite and he loves his daughter. He openly challenged Ianite to a fight, though his reaction implies that he thought she would ignore him, and makes a lot of silly mistakes, like going near the block that Jordan almost used to trap him.

Adorably Precocious Child Braids of Action: Rated T in case of blood later seaskn. His awkwardness when interacting with female characters who all seem to have a crush on him can be really endearing.

Sir Swears-a-Lot Tempting Fate: