The first multiplayer world is referred to as season 2 , since Guude’s singleplayer series was called season 1. Aurelian is this to Vechs. Don’t touch any Lapis belonging to MCGamer if you want to live. As part of the website update, the server chat logs and overviewer map have been displayed on MindcrackLP. SethBling has “Cipher” by Kevin Macleod. Last of His Kind:

Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. It wasn’t, however, enough for them to win. Wolves are often employed by contestants to aid in combat. The third multiplayer Mindcrack map began on 1 July , upon the release of Minecraft 1. Sounds harmless enough, until you remember that most of the vines must be individually whacked off the walls. The curse returns at the end of Season Doesn’t lead to outright murder, but Team B place a bomb in Kurt’s base along with a message instructing him to ‘keep his big mouth shut’, as he’s the primary witness to their TNT heist. While not arch-enemies , the B-Team and Etho agree to temporarily put their feud behind them in order to fight the Wither s as a group.

Several incidents of the prank wars became this. Last of His Kind: This page has been accessed 55, times. Kurt also lets one off when his mindcack saves him in season 3.

Season 2 persisted for 9 months until September ; season 3 for 22 months until July ; season 4 for 12 months until July ; and season 5 for 27 months until October Aureylian joined Mindcrack in Mayhaving been seaaon by a storyline created by mcgamer [18] that involved her “burning” down various buildings around spawn.

Guude in season 4a, saving saeson terrified Pause from Kurt just when Kurt was about to catch up and slaughter him. Beef has a similar Freak Out upon seeing Kurt in Season 4b’s finale. The B Team try to bribe Baj to find in their favor in the trial; this results in him returning the bribe and adding attempted bribery to the list of charges.


From mindcrwck unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki. The rainbow of colors from episodes relate to him building a rainbow in Pause’s nether track. Vanilla Server Season 4. Often a player will make a team with another player often for no real reason only for them to be shot in the back once their back was turned.

The Mindcrack Server provides examples of:

Since MarchGuude displayed an overviewer map of the world [2] and the server chat logs on guudelp. With construction on the four themed towns underway, the group decided to slow the world border to half its original pace now expanding only 5 blocks every day in August The episode ends off with “Oh!

PauseUnpause mentioned in March that he OMGchad were interested in inviting viewers to play on the server during their “Fancy Fridays” livestreams. The map began as a x area enclosed by the world borderwith world spawn set to 0, 0.

Views Read Edit View history. Beef sees through it instantaneously. Vanilla Server Season 3. Guude Boulderfist, Minecraft Let’s Play sensation, made a Minecraft survival multiplayer server in called “Mindcrack”.

Kurt’s wolf also counts from season 3, charging in and saving him when Pause appears to have all but won. Almost all the ‘crackers count: Zisteau allies himself with his sworn enemies, Team Canada, to pull off an mkndcrack prank against Guude.

The various pictures of eyes from episodes are all references to the spider eyes he uses in his prank on Guude. Millbee, season 11, after killing Pak. While not arch-enemiesthe B-Team and Etho agree to temporarily put their feud behind them in order to fight the Wither s as a group. It has been suggested this section be moved to Season 3.


Subverted with the end of the trial; Baj okays some Last Wordsbut activates the gallows before anything can be said. The B Team accuses Etho of this, obviously it was a joke and not meant to be taken seriously. Don’t touch any Lapis belonging to Esason if you want to live. Get Known if you don’t have an account.

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Paul blew up GenerikB’s RV. Aurelian is this to Vechs. The B-Team Race to Commander series is ultimately decided by a margin of less than one kill. Etho feels really bad and repeatedly apologizes while attacking Kurt in Season 8, but it eeason make the battle any less harsh.

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MC’s “assassination” of the B-Team. For a long time, “Potato on a stick”. Getting on Mindcrack is already quite a feat not only do you have to be a good Minecraft player, your computer setup has to be quite powerful and you need to be an experienced youtuberbut Shree got on when he was 13!

The fourth multiplayer Mindcrack map began on 18 Julyusing the most recent stable snapshot, 14w28b. Season 5 began with 29 active Mindcrack membersincluding Coestar and sevaduswho had both joined at the end of Season 4. In Season 5, Zisteau is given a perfect opportunity to strike down Guude. Used by Generik when he forces Pause to choose between Millbee or Beef.