Astralis should definitely be favored to make the Semifinals, assuming a fair bracket draw, but it simply cannot be favored against the three other elite teams it’s likely to face once astralis gets there. Travis Gafford catches up with Scarra to learn more about the struggles of the NA Scene and the difficulties of practicing. Snake vs Topsports Gaming 2 days. Will b fixed ASAP. Their best bet would be to send a 2v1 lane against MegaZero to undo the player who is now undoubtedly MRN’s strongest link. Chauster’s initial scouting pattern was right over a GGU ward, allowing the grouped team to pin him down long enough for first blood. While Snax returned to his old world-beating form at Counter Pit Finals , the same cannot be said for rest of Virtus.

The Poles remain a dangerous team, one whose peak form can beat anyone, and its playing style matches well with practically every team in the world. Support player Xpecial claimed the release was due to differences between Chaox and TSM’s midlaner Reginald ; however after Wildturtle’s impressive performance with TSM, every member of the team agreed they would rather have WildTurtle play instead of Chaox. This site is a part of Esports One, Inc. Dignitas was also under heavy scrutiny as many watched to see if they could extend their already impressive game win streak. Pages that were modified between April and June are adapted from information taken from Esportspedia. SoloMid Series Week 6. December 5, Chaox announces he’s no longer a free agent – joining Roar. Blogs Ravnica Allegiance Prer….

With two losses in two days, Week 5 seemed as if it could be another winless week for members of Good Game University.

If you keep putting yourself in such situations, ultimately what basically equates to a coin flip will end up mlt your favor. Unsurprisingly, Dignitas began the game with heavy aggression: On the other hand, those are the only teams this squad has lost a series to offline in that time. Active Players Players United States. Blogs Ravnica Allegiance Prer….


Previewing “The Legends” for MLG CS:GO Columbus Major

Chaox moved to China when Roar reformed two months later and competes in Chinese competitive league. When coL finally took Baron for themselves at nearly Lowkin was swapped with Victory X for San Diego where the team finished 3rd. Schalke 04 vs Splyce 4 days. The last three tournaments of the year would finally see Triggers Down solidify a roster, the departure of SK caused them to pick up Best Man for RaleighD.

If Lautemortis counterganks like he did against Dignitas, or even just camps WildTurtle and Xpecial, it should be enough to coax communication errors and other mistakes out of the new pair. Not far behind is flusha, who has seemingly figured out a way to perform at a high level while leading the team deama his free-wheeling manner. Travis catches up with League of Legends pro players and personalities before and during the Season 2 finals to see who they’re picking to win it all.

Unfortunately, the players of team MRN were ill, ecco was unable to participate, and their sub, Nientonsoh, was not in Dallas. Cloud9 disbanded over the offseason. While the Super Week showed Curse’s vulnerable side, their convincing win tms CLG proved they were still at the top of the pack.

[NA LCS] Week 5 @ MLG Dallas Write-up

The winner’s match should be against Luminosity, though Xizt’s team will be praying for an upset by mousesports; the Swedes are, despite their meaningless win in Katowice, clear underdogs versus FalleN’s team. MRN did a great job of dramz the game close and winning team fights which was largely a result of them chain CC-ing and bursting down Doublelift before he could really contribute to any fights. Heinz left the team at the start of and was replaced with Neighbor for Orlandowhere the team finished 6th.

The quarterfinal exit at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca, which led to pronax’s dismissal, happened because fnatic was upset in the Group Stage by Luminosity.


Zuna was able to escape with a vengeance kill on Scarra, but while this was happening imaqtpie and Patoy were busy stealing Vulcun’s Red buff. Instead, GGU struck back with incredible coordination, using their abilities in perfect combination and taking a trade overall. He remained on Triggers Down for the first three events of the year, welcoming back SK.

For the first time in weeks, Dignitas was even with their opponents as the match entered the mid-game, as their additional kills and Dragon were balanced by coL’s turret lead.

Evo Japan cuts inappropriate Dead or Alive 6 stream; co-founder issues apology 11d Reuters. CLG should pay close attention to Mancloud in the Mid lane. Then things will get interesting. The Next 4 Generals [Patch 9.

Optic Gaming vs Liquid 4 days. MLG Providence Championships Helios shares his thoughts about TSM, playing M5, the addition of Flame, and ideally not having to play his good friend Locodoco.

In my bold predictions articleI suggested a non-European team would win dram major in — and I think the time might have come.

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MegaZero tried to keep MRN close by picking up a straight 1v1 kill on LiNk with a brilliantly timed Transcendent Blade catching him as soon as he dropped down from Rappel. Snake vs Topsports Gaming 2 days. The team wound up winning a couple of more events, becoming somewhat of a kryptonite mmlg fnatic at a time when seemingly no one else, save for Virtus. Rudy was swapped for B Rizzle before Chicago where they got themselves into 14th.

Hungrybox drams haters to win Melee at Genesis 6 22d Jacob Wolf.