Sashi eventually found out that Rex is still in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend Fats played by Roxanne Guinoo. Until soon, we grow blind to their very presence. Can mothers do things that would hurt their own children, their own flesh and blood? Can Merto ever make it up to his family after falling victim to his addiction? So Nathan waits… until Allan returns — changed, remorseful and with a promise of his own: They grow closer still, when Rex and Fats come to live with Sashi, during a desperate situation. As prepubescent kids, they spend their summer and Christmas vacations playing street games.

Views Read Edit View history. Monica Sacay learned this from her mother Myrna early on. Can we really blame Hazel for the fate she suffers? Naning never slept on a real bed, never had a real roof above her head. By signing up on PEP. Towards the end of the story, Kat asked financial help from her mother. Eventually, Rex found a new girl and had an on-off relationship with his new mistress.

Watch and epissode out what Jennylyn Mercado will do if she sees her former boyfriend, Luis Manzano. Maymay is a winner of hearts. Views Read Edit View history.

Mmk September 3

Will he be able to magkarial of his feelings when he loses that which gave him his voice? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Remy fell in love and got her heart broken magkaaribal Allan. Sashi 27a transgender, experiences heartbreak, when her boyfriend of more than 2 years chooses a woman over Sashi. There is a fan in all of us, and there is a real, human journey in every Dakilang Fan.

By signing up on PEP. More than a public servant…. Still, Marlon fought through all the alienation and humiliation with patience and kindness.

Have you ever had a crush on a guy who liked guys? Para sa lahat ng mga na-in love sa kanilang best friend…. Joseph grew up with nothing, but he strived to become the best version of himself. Los Bastardos since Playhouse since Wansapanataym since Lorena had a modest life, and had always been self-sufficient. As many as the words we often leave unsaid are the volumes we speak through our inadvertent actions.


Josh was instantly attracted to Sophia Esconde when they first became friends online, but it was Rose, the girl behind Sophia, that he ultimately became friends with.

Hercules Joross Gamboa breaks down upon finding out that Zyrus passed away. Norberto never knew luxury, but he had always worked hard. He triumphed over everything that life threw at him and gained everything he ever wanted from it, until came up against something he can never overcome.

Sashi and Fats prove this is possible even between two people who are rivals in love. She was barely a teenager when Ruperto died, taking with him all the magic that filled her young life. But when a fourteen-year-old girl is raped by her uncle and disowned by her own mother, what choices are left with her?

However, she comes to find out later, that Rex is in fact still in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend Fats And with a beautiful voice that bore the scars of her own tragic life, it was what brought her to stardom. For Ben, it was the limelight. But it is another thing to be a winner. Towards the end of the story, Kat asked financial help from her mother.

Pages using infobox television with editor parameter. Can his father Bibi, played by Zoren Legaspi, be faulted for denying the boy his support, when this interest has led Dandoy to turn his back on education?

What happens when real life comes between them and this promise? Although Rex januaey to them after a month, in the end, they each break-up with Jayson on separate occasions.


Transgender and a woman share love of one man in “MMK”

Zaira likes Arnie even though she knows he is gay. But just a few months ago, Naning, who lived her entire life in the streets of Quiapo, walked on a januaty stage to claim her college diploma. But such is life that it is hardest on those who deserve it least. It would be years before they found each other again.

Subscribe now for more latest, Hot and updated Showbiz, Politics Can we really blame Hazel for the fate she suffers? Jeffrey fell in love with Ashley not just because of her persistence and devotion, but especially because of the courage she showed magkarival she pursued him against all judgment.

MMK | Raz de la Torre

Hiwaga sa Bahay na Bato. Raz De La Torre Writer: Hercules Joross Gamboa plans to donate bags of his blood to pay off his debt to Dr. Alam mo na ba ang latest? But their affection for each other grows so strong that Mart starts to feel the overwhelming urge to take it a step further. How does one know which love to honour?

For her choices and happiness to be respected. But when their first child is born with Down Syndrome, they realize it will demand so much more from them as parents. He was a good provider to his wife Marlene and their children until gambling took him away from the things that mattered to him.