His Highness Abdullah She expresses sympathy for him and encourages him to live a new living. Email Address never made public. Real-time popularity on IMDb. Mohanlal is the happier one, because he can be what he is now. And he does, really. Iam sure u will all enjoy watching the movie. Add the first question.

That was why he did what he did. Slowly, Keerikadan’s illegitimate wife agrees to get Indu married to Sethu, but their teenager son maintains a bitter hatred towards Sethu. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Balan decides to take revenge on Raju. The romances are the biggest symbol of this. It was all meant, taking up every part of his victims life as his own life slowly fell away.

The illegitimate wife and children of Keerikadan suffer constant threats from Keerikadan’s family after his death. Sethu undergoes deep psychological torture, which slowly transforms him to another person. His Highness Abdullah There needs to be more than that, real sacrifice and caring and understanding of the root causes.

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This is a heart touching film and iam sure those who ever see this film cannot control their emotion. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The songs were composed by Johnson master and lyrics were penned by Kaithapram. That family of his memory, that is lost. Because it is the same offer she was given, cyenkol a man who ended up dead by the violence he perpetrated.

Perfectly, but with a chenko, that time has passed. But this film is about expanding that picture. It was setting up the plot for this film. Share this Rating Title: The sequel to KireedamChenkol continues the story of Sethumadavan who hopes to regain his lost life after 8 years in prison.


Only, then nothing would mean anything. Though it was by accident, which he did to save his life, the society is not ready to accept it.

It is only once our hero goes all the way down to the depths that he is able to come back up and see the world for what it really ,ovie and what truly needs to be done. Was this review helpful to you? He was meant to find this woman and her daughter and son.

Ohm Shanthi Oshaana Second Review: Edit Did You Know? And yet the script, the performances, the whole feel of them just matches perfectly. He is saved by Indu, who happens to be the illegitimate daughter of Keerikadan. It makes people react violently, and once they do, that is a stain they cannot erase until that same violence kills them. He wanted to take care of her and her daughter and his son with her.

It seemed to be a lesson in how things can go wrong, how society and family and personal instinct can conspire to ruin you. Achuthan Nair, unable to face his son, commits suicide by hanging himself on the ceiling fan of a lodge where the business takes place. Thank you for this beautiful review. The retelling of epic Ramayana through the lives of two brothers, their affection, their professional rivalry and the eventual transition of each person.


Sethu Madhavan Thilakan Keerikkadan Jose Views Read Edit View history. His sister survives, but admits to her brother that she no longer thinks of or wants marriage.

Not just rushed through to get to the happy or sad ending. What was the purpose of all this violence, all this misery, if it mohanlak ends with Mohanlal farming a small plot of land and married to a nice woman? It was about something simple, violence causes violence. Chenkol is his response. Once, in a bid to escape from the brothers of Keerikadan, Movi beats them up. Mohan Lal’s must watch Watch now on “UnMade”. I feel kireedam is just the begining.

Film from same period but Mohanlal and thilakan in entirely different roles. Which is remarkable, considering the two films were separated by 4 years.

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Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. This deals him a severe mental blow and he reacts violently to his father.

A qawwali singer passes as a Brahmin in order to infiltrate a palace and kill chfnkol king. The life of a young man turns upside down when he intervenes in a dispute in order to rescue his father a cop from a ruthless local outlaw. This incident strikes him deeply and he decides to change.

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