Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4. Started by louis Herramientas. The reason you would want to edit this is to edit how much experience the monster will give. January 10, , February 24, , Master level buffs not working.

Taking in mind that characters shouldn’t reset too fast either too slow, including both spawns for wizzards and elfs and for knights. Well once again lets break it down! April 08, , Started by beokute96 Season6. Posts Topics Advanced Search. Its very old update. What’s the point of this from 1 to 20 numbers, I mean are they actually different based on server xp or are they just rearanged or less editted and which one would you recommend to me for a normal server for instance like about xp? Started by louis Herramientas.

LTP Team 4 on: If you change client mix.

February 24, X Donate Contact us. Thread starter cryingsoul Start date Sep 27, Started by louis Herramientas.

[Guide] Understanding the and

What do I mean by the first X coordinate? We get a error. This number tells us how many orcs are going to spawn in the area. Supraimasharryheasmuphantomwanwaycomstark98teliscaPartexizeliasnogueLeonartemkobieterickmalfoywenvillboypostzodiacddosbernal01Dodebeibeithunwa1Hax.

If we wanted to spawn 50 orcs, we would put a 50 here. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This monstrrsetbase.txt.


If you look in the monster. The quality of this development is very low and i share this only to notice people, who wanna buy this for some money Its very monstersetbase.ttx update. Para este post, 45 usuarios dieron las gracias! Did you miss your activation email? I mean you know gate01 for instance have like 20 mobs spawning in like 10 sec and gate04 got 20 mobs spawning in different place in 10 sec each.

The first number is the X, and the second number is the Y. This is one really usefull post I congratulate you and I’ll hit a thanks for you. January 13, Line Types See that number before all of the spawns in the monster set base? What does this mean? Joined Jan 29, Messages Reaction score We use two sets of coordinates because we’re going to spawn the orcs in a set range of coordinates.

Forums New posts Search forums. Since we’re spawning Wizard Pasi in Lorencia, we should use the number ” 0 “.

MonsterSetBase Packs for all Seasons ( 0.97 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / ex70X )

If we wanted him to move around, we would put a 20 or 30 here. January 10, The second number is the Y coordinate.

LTP Team 2 on: Para este post, 1 usuario dio las gracias! Please login monstersegbase.txt register. We are spawning 20 orcs, so we put 20 here. All the information you need is in this thread. Gaminggacon gmail.


Again, to find out this number, look in the bottom left part of the screen. Here is a list of all the map numbers excluding the newer maps. Also, reward are drop on the ground and everyone can pickup it Buy VIP works only for 1 day. It means when the monster spawns, it will be facing in a random direction instead of a set direction.

The reason you would want to edit this is to edit how much experience the monster will give. Description of this files from developer: You must log in or register to reply here. Monstegsetbase.txt a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

The level doesn’t affect the other stats in any way.