Leland realizes it is the truth. Leland reaches the bridge, and Gallo kills him with the sedative. What does the text say at the beginning of the movie? FAQs 13 Spoilers 0. Because of the length of the trip, the passengers were all placed in extended hypersleep, while the crew was divided into several shifts, each shift alternately awakening to service and run the ship for two years before being returned to hypersleep when the next shift takes over. It seems to symbolize that there is something abnormal with their minds and most likely suggests that they all developed Pandorum.

Originally Posted by ryandubbz Thanks guys for clearing that up, I wish the ending would of had some of the mutants come up from the water in the pods, that would of been cool. In , the natural resources of Earth are exhausted and the spacecraft Elysium is launched to the planet Tanis in the last hope of mankind. The events he relates took place centuries earlier , some time after the flight crew at the time get the message from Earth but before Gallo puts himself back into hypersleep – which judging by the age difference between younger and older Gallo would be a period of twenty to thirty years. Then Lieutenant Payton also awakes and they find that they are locked in a room but the access door to the bridge is not reactivated. Retrieved 1 December Send a private message to horror4life

A new menu and more – thoughts welcome Click here to see the rest of this review. Sounds like there ex;lained an answer to this question other than “plot hole”.

Send a private message to MaCruz. Nadia shows them the area she has been protecting which contains samples of all of earth’s biology to be used for the colonization of the planet Tanis which is their destination. Originally Posted by Big N’ Tasty. In the final scene, the camera pans upwards through the clouds until it shows the entire planet of Tanis.

Nadia and Bower make it to an escape pod just as the creatures breach the room and reach them. Payton is a Lieutenant so he is the ranking officer over Bower. These creatures are called “The Hunters” and they see humans as prey. When Bower is banging on Payton’s hyper sleep chamber from ecplained outside it says Payton, but when it cuts to looking from inside out, it says Bower.


A note appears saying: Originally Posted by ryandubbz. The time now is Bower the engineerNadia the biologist and Manh the non-English speaking character manage to restart the reactor.

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This is all that is left of the human race, yet enough to start the new colony. The sudden trauma from hearing the news, mixed with the Pandorum caused him to go insane and slaughter the other crew members.

The ship’s systems are dead, so he is unable to use anything. He disguises himself and crawls amongst them.

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Post as a guest Name. Bower ventures deep into the ship and begins to uncover a terrifying reality. Constantin Film Impact Pictures [1]. His memory having returned, Bower confronts Payton, asking who he really is, and Payton reveals his true name: Except for the fact i think that i might be a expalined slow!

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During the trip, the sleeping passengers were given a drug that alters their body, allowing them to adapt to the atmosphere of the new planet, however, Gallo increased the dosage on some of the passengers, then let them loose in the ship’s huge cargo bay. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Bower wonders whether they might have been specimens that escaped from the embryonic chamber holding livestock and wildlife re-populations to be released when they reach Tanis, but German biologist Nadia Antje Traue says that would be impossible.

The ship crash landed on their destination planet roughly years ago!

Click on a plot link to find similar books! There is one life support chamber with Cooper’s name on it, which is empty. A fight ensues between the three, thinking that the mutants are about to break into the bridge, Bower opens fire, and causes the ship to flood, forcing the ship to carry out emergency ejection of all the sleeping pods. Payton and all the monster-like creatures are left behind to drown in the ship.


Send a private message to Carlos Retrieved 5 February Find More Posts by BDestroyer What is ‘Pandorum’ about? Send a private message to BDestroyer I just want that Razor he had to shave. Leland reaches the bridge, and Gallo kills him with the sedative.

Most of the ship operated automatically so there was only a three-person crew required to fly the ship. Improper emergence from the hibernatory state leaves them both with partial amnesia and possibly suffering from pandorum, a hypersleep-related disorder that causes psychosis when under emotional duress. Meanwhile, Bower’s ODS causes him to hallucinate creatures breaking through onto the bridge, and he shoots at them.

I have questions and i want answers NOW! The shock pushes Bower further toward insanity. Why didn’t the other humans transform into troglofaunal creatures? Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! I’m thinking if there is ever a sequel, it will revolve around him letting the monsters out of the ship to hunt down the humans. Two of the three command crew were killed by the single one who went mad.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. How does the movie end? Best scene in story: Originally Posted by horror4life It turns out that Peyton isn’t really Peyton at all, but Gallo, who was with the waking crew when they received news that the Earth had been destroyed.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Pandorum. Master of his own vessel. He learned this brutal history by reading the drawings done by Gallo’s victims on the ship’s walls. Leland realizes it is the truth. How does Leland know so much in Pandorum?