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A bit of it anyway. Thank you as always for everything! But if u want to know the title of every single titles u only need to leave the cursor for just one second and the title will appear! If it’s not much to ask The stories are cute, funny, hot, and unbelievably heartwarming. At times it may get messy and the shading can be a little overwhelming, but nonetheless it’s definitely eye candy.

But I will ask to the girls and see if they are willin to work on it?!??

Mujihi na otoko CD drama [Link arreglado]

For the future ones we already have raw materials for them u can visit the “things to do list”. Roby85m 20 November at Lynn Marik 22 January at Sorry for the late answer!

Have a nice day! T,maybe you have another link?


Baka-Updates Manga – Warui Koto Shitai

Hi I was wondering where is Totally Captivated? A super masochistic pervert?

Just don’t mujohi it if it’s not what you’re in the mood for. It saves a lot of time!! I visited this web last year, and now I come back here again: Shy 31 May at Tags actor actors alfred allen america amerika animals anime anime: Although he did impress me as the seiyuu of Shiki in Togainu no Chi.

I just found this post, but thank you for compiling a list! Thanks for the support!!! Her watercoloring techniques are just so lovely. Just wondering muijhi your Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla blcd go.? I’m really close by mine one too! Roby85m 14 June at Anonymous 7 February at I will need to listen to his blcd first.


Then u like modern themes huh?!?! I’m not sure I got the question. As always, you guys are awesome.

Stormborn 18 December at Mikado and Towa’s story is just a mix of stupid and sweet. For what I know Yukuro will do this one! And for some final parting words: Have u checked if u still can find it? That’s true, it takes a lot of one’s time. While Kuon and Nanao’s story is about Roby85m 10 March at Unfortunately, now that he has a more serious storyline not really you see that it was all for naught.


Koi Ja Nai Kedo V. However, it’s clearly not meant to be taken seriously at least I hope notand all of them are about the same level and kind of crazy, so it doesn’t feel too unbalanced or creepy.

[Drama CD] Mujihi na Anata ・ Berry’s Diary

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