I don’t think Lee Bo Young has chemistry with anyone in this drama and her character is infuriatingly cold. He looks down at his clothing and shoes, fit for the office and obviously not a snow-covered mountain, but he has little choice. Especially for long, long dramas. Anyway i really hope they won’t go to 20 episodes cause i do believe they will get extension since the show is a hit in Korea. Well, as always, thanks a bunch, pinkblossom! I kept myself updated only thru the update from CarrotBlossom Patch’s blog, which i think is up to epi Can we please pretty please finish strong?

How could I ask something like that? Seo-young has followed the usual weekend drama pattern of better-Sunday-than-Saturday, and this week was no exception. Give me your keys. By Maetawinz Started September 28, Watch Episode 20 Sub. I am waiting for it to finish myself so I can watch and go to bed.

I think the female lead has way more chemistry with her twin than with the husband. Was meditating in the mountains your hobby or something? Annie December 20, at 3: After Yeon-hee leaves, Seo-young asks Secretary Yoon for the name of the company they used to hire her wedding guests.

It makes the episode more meaningful for us. Watch Episode 13 Sub. Watch Episode 42 Sub. Her eyes fill with tears as she starts to tremble…. I can’t possible imagine what they would try to accomplish with 20 more episodes. Watch Episode 23 Sub.


Before there was a time when I talked about this and that with your father when he worked for us. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Watch Episode 21 Sub.

Wait till you hear his ranting. I m-m-met him because I was employed there. The two slowly make their way down the mountain, with Woo-jae leaning on Seo-young and using one of her walking poles as a crutch. Would you just call the chauffeur service for me?

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He’s my ideal man. They finally reach the bottom of the trail and Seo-young struggles to catch her breath, completely tired out. Weo add more episodes, as long as it relevant, i’m oke with that. She reaches the vantage point and sits down to rest, taking in the magnificent view. Ho Jung must be deliriously happy. The Brain’s PD is also partly to be blame!!

So someone been fudging the accounts in the first place, frankly I can only wonder why KBS is not filing for a law suit rather than trying to get the production company to make an extension. This is definitely ass backward.

Because you might dislike it. And I hold much respect for Mrs. Why did you tell others — why did you say those things to Woo-jae?!

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Woo-jae was still his son-in-law. I don’t have the patience for that. Seo-young pulls up in front of the police station and tells Ho-jung to go on in — Sang-woo is inside.


Where were you then? Watch Episode 17 Sub. It was like a smile of satisfaction and relief rolled into one. That would have been good.


Watch Episode 9 Sub. The emphasis is that Woo-jae did what Seo-young wanted. Posted February 17, She continues that she would not have been able to care for herself, let alone a brother if she had oneas Seo-young did for Sang-woo.

And am all for hj and sw. Once, in the past, I talked about this and that with your father when he was working at our company. I will continue watch to the end. Am daugher really happy camper today. I was struggling to explain the show’s popularity until someone told me that there is literally no competition in the timeslot.

New friends have joined us this week once again!